Steve N6XFC's Story

of his March 27th 2004 Hunt

Let me just say thinks to David a Mel for a good hunt.

Well after all the Bull David has been putting out for a month I was glad to see so many hunters to show up at the start point, 8 I believe.

As we were all patient on the top of the hill waiting for a signal.. NOTHING was heard. We even tried all of the recommended ways that David said how to talk to him. Around 10:20 N6AIN said he thought he was hearing something cycle but could not make it out clear enough for a positive ID. About 10 min later I could hear something also but to no avail could not confirm it was the T. I am not sure who else could hear some kind of noise in that direction. Sometime around 10:40 hunters were leaving and guessed what direction the hiders would be in. Some went North 405 and into Gorman, some went to the Grapevine to Summit Inn & others went to the 14.

I eventually received a call from David. (You know, the guy who was being cussed out for not getting a signal to the start point and whos pre-arranged communication ideas to get hold of him did not hold water and did not bother contacting anyone until 11 am.) Yes, that is the guy.
                                                                                    (Just Harassing)

Well that guy profusely apologized for his lack of signal and then treated us to a clue. He said his bearing to us is 187 deg, so 7 deg for us. Ok, cool now we have something to go on. I put it out on the air to let everyone know the clue and off I go, North Hwy 14 up to 395. I played leapfrog with a few hunters on the 14 & 395 and almost convinced my self to go up Jawbone Canyon. (Sounded like a T was up there) good thing I did not go.

Further up 395 a T came on the air and said Only 400 miles to go Holy crud.. sorry Im not going to UTAH today. So after finding that T I decided I would drive 50 more miles and consider turning around. (I have family obligations Sunday morning.) Less than 50 miles I turned W on 9 Mile Rd then South on Canebrake Rd, I ran into Mike a few times then went back to were we thought the main T was and Mike was not there so I signed in and went on to look for other Ts. So, I drive all around talked with a few hunters with misleading information that I did not believe anyway and went on my way. I found the Hiders, the Killer Dogs, 5 Ts and the Big D found a bolder and left a ding in it.

Good by and on the way home. 7:30 pm.

Also, my thanks goes to Don for using his knowledge and fixed up my meter box the week before the Hunt.

De Steve / N6XFC