Deryl's Story

I only found T2 and it was snowing heavly when I did.
I  went up Batustia Rd, south of Hemet, very messy.Got about a mile up the dirt part and decided I didn't want to go any further. I saw the tracks that some one or more had been there and turned around. Thought about going back out to 74 and up the hill or over to State and down Sage rd. Made the wrong choice and went to Sage (R3). I was driving around the Tripp Flats are and decided it must be over by Thomas Mtn, so made my way over there. But before I found the road to there I got the much stronger signal to the north east. Drove on till I came to Morris Ranch Rd and went up that. Went passed the gated road where it was. On the way back I ran into Bob and Cathy. They had just come out of it and Bob said it wasn't locked and opened it for me. I don't think I would have tried that road if Bob and Cathy hadn't been there. After almost getting snowed in I decided I had found my only T and went home.