Don's and Steve's Story

We didn't get to T1!  We where at the road going to Red Mountain, but because T2 was much stronger, we oppted to go there first. Then it got too late to go back. We went out the 60 frwy from Riverside, and got off at Gilman Springs road, then crossed the 74 in Hemet, and went down Batustia Rd. What a mess! it took us about 45 minutes to go 3.5 miles! The road was slippery with gooey mud. Someone had been on it before us and had slipped off to the side, and then turned around and went back. We kept going. About half way down we got a signal that took about 80% of our attenuation to our right (RED Mountain I guess) only a motorcycle trail going up to where the signal seemed to be coming from. So we went to Trip Flats and turned right until we got to the dirt road going to Red Mountain. I really didn't want to go on another slippery dirt road, so when we heard T2 so strong, we went after that one. We found T2 & Voice T in the snow! Decided then to quit and not go after T1. We had been on several other Gooey dirt roads looking for T1's bounce! Didn't realize it was T1, because T2 kept covering T1's Id! I guess later they became un sunk and the Id was clear. Bummer. We heard the 4th T as we where coming down Gilman Springs road, and we heard it die! then nothing for the rest of the hunt! So only 3 to hunt. Once in a while we heard a dead carrier T, but not enought to get a bearing on it to find it.