November 28th
All Night
Transmitter Hunt

Having quit T Hunting something like 15 years ago I accepted an invitation from N6MI to join him on a recent all-day hunt. As it turned out we won it hence bringing up the requirement to hide in November - the same weekend as the CQ Worldwide DX CW contest. Of course we decided to do both, at my QTH in Pinon Hills (near Wrightwood).

I resurrected four of my Ts, all required new batteries. I also looked through my old sign in materials (clip boards and plastic bags). All contained sign in sheets from hunts some 15 years ago! We thought it would be amusing to re use some of those old sign in sheets but, evidently, one hunter did not share that sentiment as he added his own sign in sheet. So, technically, nobody signed in at T1!

We hid four Ts and just to make sure it wasn't too easy they all had the same id, simply 'AF6O'. All four Ts were found but nobody found all four Ts.

T1 ran 2 watts to a whip and was hidden on Desert Front road, a canyon that runs east from Hwy 2, a little south of Hwy 138

T2 ran 30 watts to a four element beam on N6MIs truck. It was situated in the AF6O driveway and beaming at the Pathfinder start point.

T3 ran 2 watts to a whip and was situated at the AF6O QTH as well.

T4 ran 4 watts to a three element quad which was attached to a pipeline marker post. The location was Mojave, 0.6 mil

T4                                                                                                                                                               T4 Antenna


		T1	T2	T3	T4	MILES
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG	.	X	X	X	201.9	Winner
WA6RJN		X	.	.	X	228.0
KF6GQ/LAJ	X	.	.	.	170.9
WB6JPI		.	.	.	.

73 Jim, AF6O