November 26th 2011

All Night Transmitter Hunt

Hider: N6MI Scott.

Where: 6 Ts on Angeles Crest Highway, from the bottom to just past the turn off to Angeles Forest Highway.

Only 2 hunters were out. N6ZHZ on Wednesday. He and Cathy KD6CYG found 3Ts.
N6AIN was out on Friday. He found only 2 Ts.
Both went out again Saturday but found no additional Ts.

Results from sign in Sheets

THIS IS N6MI HIDDEN T (traffic cone) at the bottom.
6:09 PM, Nov. 24th - N6ZHZ & KD6CYG. Drawing of a turkey and the comment: "Bob, did you look under the cone??"
11:25 AM, Nov. 25th - N6AIN

8:00 PM. Nov. 24th - N6ZHZ & KD6CYG. Comment: Bushwacked.
1: 07 PM, Nov. 25th - N6AIN

9:00 PM, Nov. 24th - N6ZHZ & KD6CYG. Comment: Good Hide.
N6AIN never found it or the other 3 that were out there somewhere.