November 25th 2006
Mini All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: J. Scott Bovitz (N6MI) and Jon von Gunten (not yet a ham)

There were eight transmitters.

N6MI T-8 ran 30 watts to a three-element quad. The transmitter was located near the closed gate to Blue Ridge, off Highway 2. N6MI T-0 (t-zero) ran 4 watts to a whip. This transmitter was located about half way up Table Mountain Road, near Wrightwood. Both T-8 and T-0 were heard at the starting point in Palos Verdes.

Six other small transmitters were in the Lytle Creek area.
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WB6JPI found six transmitters. (Winner!)
WA6RJN found five.
K6VCR found four.
N6AIN found three, in the very best style.
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG/Rocky found two.
A mystery hunter (no name) found two.
N6JF had car trouble and found none.

Every transmitter was found by at least one hunter.

Thinks for coming out!
N6MI and Jon

Jippy's story