November 23, 2013

I had a plan.

I checked out a not often used hiding place a high  place north
of Fallbrook (south of the 74 west of the 15 and east of the 5) and determined that 20W into a simple vertical would reach the start on PV. The roads there were paved and as I feared weather I didn’t want to be flailing about in the rain on some dirt road after wallowing in mud. I had also acquired a 2007 Prius that is a neat car and I really liked to drive it about but as it has only 5 inches of clearance and street tires, I didn’t want to do any dirt.

I had devised two major “tricks” to entertain the hunters as the hide was only 50 miles away from the start and they would be there in a couple hours. I won’t go into why I didn’t deploy the “tricks” later but I didn’t. I will save them for another day.

While waiting for 10AM I hid two small Ts within 10 miles of the main T and at about 20 minutes to 10am I fired up the main T and called Deryl at the start. He heard it fine. But he was alone…..

That is the rub…he was alone I called back at 10:10 and he was still alone. Deryl is a good hunter and I am sure he would have enjoyed the “tricks” as much as anyone, but I just didn’t want to waste them with only one hunter. Deryl is always hunting so I knew he would be available for when I did hide using them..

T-6… 20 watts dual vertical Zepp antenna N33 29.775, W117 20.695
T-7 …1 watt 3 el vert beam pointed NW    N33 30.107  W117 21.367
T-5     50mW voice T vertical                      N33 31.257  W117 22.971

Deryl found:
T-7  1:44 PM 135.7 miles
T-6  2:24 PM 140.5
T-5  2:55 PM 146.3

Deryl was the winner….