October 28th 2017
Meathead All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Steve KD6LAJ and Debra KG6LOR
I had in mind to make this a real Meathead Hunt, with special provisions, discoveries to be made along the way, etc. Very much in keeping with JPI's description of the difference between the Meathead and the All day hunts, told to me many years ago.  "The Meathead has some tricks or hidden things about it, usually discovered well after the hunt is concluded. "
I won't divulge all of my plans, as some can be used the next time I win a Meathead.  But this much I can tell you, without having to swear you to secrecy:
I had promised JPI that I would make it Prius friendly, as in no 4WD needed, and not requiring a high ground clearance vehicle.
I wanted no sign in sheets of any kind, so that approach to the transmitters was unnecessary and optional.  (In other words, I could hide in a location that others need not have access to.  I used to do this with KD6SNE, later K6SNE, when he would just photograph the antenna or transmitter box, whichever was easier, instead of trying to sign in.  He would send me his mileage and the picture..) 
I had thought to require the T's to be found in order, so that food and tales of woe could be provided at the last T. (Meathead can have these kind of "rules" without violation of the All Day T-hunt prohibition against any rules.)

There can be no T-hunt unless there are snags that mess up the plan.  Here are some of the official snags:
JPI became a silent key before the hunt.
Transmitters that were inconvenient to approach, requiring that there be no sign in sheet, became unapproachable by all, including the hider!
The sequential ID Transmitters, which I wanted to employ, for sequential finding, were unobtainable due to time limitations caused by my wanting to remain in Chaffey College's employ!

Snags aside, I still wanted to memorialize one of my favorite T-Hunters, Jippy.  I always liked to talk with him, as he was always having wonderfully fresh experiences, doing new things.  (Robot dog behavior and interactions, self-driving car advances, 3D modeling and printing from the inside out, to name but a few of our topics of conversation.)  When I began T-Hunting decades ago, I remember a hunt that featured Jippy at the final T, with Hotdogs and Hamburgers, Wolf Bob style!  I thought at the time how great it was to have a picnic, with a nice transmitter hunt attached, in the middle of nowhere!  (To this day, I do not know where he was hidden, even though I was there....  I followed the signal in, and followed another hunter out.  Never did find it on any map...)

After snag final plan:

Put remaining working Ts on the air, and have a picnic spread.  I readied the first part, and Debra (KG6LOR) readied the second part.


Deryl and Ray were quickly there, and got first choice of all foodstuffs.  They sent pictures and received clues, but refused all requests for mileage reporting.  (They were hoping for the coveted Controlled Second place. But without sign in sheets, they couldn't trust their mileage and so kept it a secret.  Or, they just forgot to make note of it at the start....)  All T's found, quickly.

Don and Larry were quickly there, didn't want to obey any stinken' rules, and so did not send pictures, nor receive the needed clues.  they just proceeded to find the T's, and were concerned that all the sign in sheets had blown away, or were stolen. 

Doug was quickly there, giving all a competitive run for the money. He sent all pictures, received clues and a picnic lunch, and was home by dark..All T's found, quickly.

Scott and Tom were less quickly there, provided GPS and APRS and photographic proof of discovery, All T's were found and they were perhaps the most surprised that there was really food provided.

Scot, KA6UDZ, came out with a Doppler and a sniffer, in a Natural Gas vehicle, unofficial, and was the most like Jippy in  choice of vehicle and determination to enjoy the hunt, against all odds.  All T's were found and picnic clues received.

According to the received discovery proofs, and with the Board's approval:

Doug wins again, with 67.8 miles, after picnic correction.  (He will be hiding 3 of the next 4 hunts!!)
Scott and Tom  95 miles, picnic corrected.

The other three teams came out for the food and the good company, like JPI loved to do, as well.