Fourth Saturday Hunt

28 October 2000

Hiders: KF6GQ KD6LAJ






 1 Winner
















The plan was to have a low powered T come on at 10:00am, and lure the hunters into the Mt. San Jacinto area where they would have a great time with the bounces. The main T (T7) was located in the McCain Valley . This is in the Carrizo Canyon area in Southwestern San Diego County. The plan was to send signals up the eastern side of all the mountains in the range from Laguna to Mt. Gorgonio, bouncing signals off all of them. I guess it worked! However the moisture from the weird weather got under the plastic tarp and caused a delay in the timing circuit, causing a delay of the signal at 10:00am (it came on at 1:45pm). This meant that we had to add an amp to our T7 signal in order to get a bounce strong enough to be heard at the start. This amp failed at 10:00pm from depleted batteries. The signal could still be heard at the higher elevations near T2. Only the Team from Yucca Valley found this T, mostly because they where able to hear the signal directly without the bounces. They came in at 4:45pm with few problems. WB6JPI also was out near the Salton Sea and was quickly closing in when he had major equipment failure in his Suzuki. We must get his story (it is another one of Bob's great adventures). Thanks for all that came out, we will make all our hunts after this, much easier, so we can get to visit the hunters.

PS. to Tom VCR, Next time we won't hide in your backyard, I wanted you to have a short ride back home.