October 27th 2018
All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Scot KA6UDZ

A total of 4 T's were in play:

T1 was an 8 mw continuous carrier with a modulated CW ID. T1 was in an ammo can with a rubber duck antenna. ID: KA6UDZ T1

T2 was an intermittent carrier with an MCW ID. Output power was approximately 2 Watts feeding a 5-Element vertically polarized yagi aimed at Mt. Baldy. ID: KD6LAJ T2

T6 was a 40 Watt transmitter controlled by a PicCon controller. The PicCon played the factory default tone sequence followed by an MCW ID for a total of 10 seconds on a 60 second period. It fed a 7-Element horizontally polarized yagi aimed at Avalon. Estimated ERP was just shy of 400 Watts. ID: KA6UDZ T6

T9 was an intermittent carrier with an MCW ID feeding approximately 1.5 Watts to a horizontally polarized, crossed dipole antenna. ID: KD6LAJ T9

Transmitter Locations:

T1 was placed in a bush approximately 120 feet NNW of T6

T2 was located on a fence post 30 feet South of the North entrance to the Panorama Nature Preserve. This is on the South side of Bastanchury Road West of State College in Fullerton. Lat/Lon: 33°53.892'N, 117°53.65'W

T6 was located on a bluff at Christmas Tree Cove on the Southwestern side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Lat/Lon: 33°45.805'N, 118°25.146'W

T9 was located in a tree at 22nd Street Park in San Pedro. Lat/Lon: 33°43.574'N, 118°16.945'W

Transmitters 1, 2 and 9 were placed on timers scheduled to begin transmitting at 10:00 am. Due to a malfunctioning timer, T9 was manually activated and began transmitting at approximately 9:00 am. Transmitters 1 and 2 began transmitting at 10:00 am as scheduled.

Transmitter 6 was manually activated at approximately 10:05 am. A non-Amateur accomplice aided in confirming that a reflection from Catalina was detectable on the mainland. He used a SDR and non-resonant wire dipole. Initially he could not detect the signal. Transmitter power was briefly increased to 50 Watts (Est 500 Watts ERP). He again reported no signal received. He ultimately determined that RFI from his vehicle was swamping the SDR making reception of T6 impossible. After relocating the antenna away from the vehicle, he reported an S9+ signal. Power was then reduced to 40 Watts.

The hunt:

Three teams were hunting:


All three teams found T2:

KD6LAJ/KF6GQ  at 10:50 am and 10.0 miles
WA6RJN at 10:51 am and 7.2 miles
N6AIN at 11:05 am and 8.1 miles

Only KD6LAJ/KF6GQ found T9. They signed in at 2:00 pm and 50.0 miles.

Only KD6LAJ/KF6GQ found T6. They signed in at 3:00 pm and 65.0 miles.

After returning to their vehicle KF6GQ determined that T1 was nearby and exited the vehicle with his sniffer. He quickly found it in the bushes not far from T6.

One unnamed (WA6RJN) team traveled as far South as Camp Pendleton only to turn around and travel beyond Malibu in the opposite direction without locating T6.

Transmitter 6 remained on the air until 6:06 pm, local sunset. No penalties were assessed by the hider as all teams had retired by this time.

No protests or whining were recorded.

KD6LAJ/KF6GQ are the winners of the hunt.

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