October 26th 2013
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Deryl N6AIN and Ray N6EKS

The Hider's story:
The Deja Vu Hunt

The plan was to hide the Ts where Ts had been hidden before.

The first place was just east of the 5 where the north south  crosses, on a short dirt road off the Old Ridge Route road. I hid there on a WWNIATT hunt many years ago. Unfortunately there is now a locked gate on it. I had to settle for a turnout near where the gate is. I placed T4 there.

The next T was to go where Don KF6GQ had hid a T some years ago. Heading up the 5 I had to get off quickly at a Cal-Trans sanding station. At the bottom of the off ramp is a tunnel that goes west under the 5. The dirt road Leads over to the Golden State Highway. I found a place about 1/2 way between the 5 and Golden State Highway. Hid T2 there.

From there we were going to get on the Old Ridge Route Rd from the north and make our way to Liebre Mt area and place some Ts around an area where we had hid Ts before. UNFORTUNATELY before we got much farther than a few miles beyond N2 turn off, there was a big sign in the middle of the road saying that the forest was closed do to high fire danger. So to plan B.

We went back down a ways to a turn off to the west. Found a road that went back away to an open area where there was a nice fence post to attach the 11 element beam to. We ended up having to put an amp on the T before the hunters heard it. Out put was around 110 watts. After we got it running I went out and hid a few more Ts, 6 Ts in all.


Ts              Time        Miles
T1A         12:00         0.0
T1            12:22         0.3
T3              1:17         3.5
T3A           1:30         3.8
T2              3:55       47.0
T4              4:??       51.0

T2             11:05       37.0
T1              2:00        57.6
T1A           2:45        59.1
T3              3:00        60.1
T3A           3:08        60.4
T4   DNF   

The winner  Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ. They will hide on March 22nd 2014.