October 25th 2008
All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Transmitter hunt report

By Scott Bovitz    N6MI


The weather was warm and sunny. I decided to hide eight low power transmitters in the Los Angeles River Ranger District of the Angeles National Forest. This area has a clear shot to the Palos Verdes starting point.


I hid one KF6GQ transmitter (identifying "de N6MI T2" in Morse Code) above the shooting range, near the Little Tujunga ranger station. The transmitter is not working correctly, so it put out very low power. The transmitter was placed in the recently burned area, along a ridge. No one found this box. However, it could be heard on the 210 freeway.

Another KF6GQ transmitter (identifying "N6MI hidden T" in a robot voice) was hidden on Little Tujunga Canyon Road, near the 56-4 gate.

Yet another KF6GQ transmitter (identifying "de N6MI T1" in CW) was hidden about a mile west of Bear Divide, on a little ridge jutting out to the south. This required a short sniff along a ridgeline.

A micro transmitter (identifying "T7 this is T7 N6MI" in a high voice) was hidden at the end of Bear Divide road (3N17), near the fire camp. This transmitter was heard everywhere.

I hid four transmitters on Santa Clarita Divide Road. A micro transmitter (identifying "Aoogah N6MI" in voice) was hidden at the 2.2 mile mark. A KF6GQ transmitter (identifying "de N6MI T3" in CW) was hidden at the 3.9 mile mark. An N6MBR box and old handheld running 2 watts (identifying "N6MI" in CW every minute) were hidden east of Magic Mountain. (Hey, weren't we there recently?) An AF6O box running 3.5 watts (identifying "N6ZHZ" in CW, with permission) was hidden near the north fork of 4N32, about seven miles up Santa Clarita Divide Road.

All transmitters used vertically polarized whips.

The teams of N6AIN, N6ZHZ/KD6CYG, WB6JPI, and WA6RJN/KG6KZF found seven  transmitters. The team of KF6GQ/KD6LAJ found six transmitters. (Don and Steve missed N6MI T1.)

N6AIN had the lowest total mileage (85.3). This winner will hide in March 2009.

WB6JPI had 98.2 miles.

WA6RJN/KG6KZF had 103 miles.

N6ZHZ/KD6CJG had 111.2 miles.

KF6GQ/KD6LAJ had 120.8 miles.

Thank you for hunting.



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