October 25th 2003
All Night

Hider:Tom KE6VCR and Scott N6MI

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On October 25, 2003, Tom Sneden (KE6VCR) and I (J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI) put on an 18 transmitter hunt for the southern California all day hunters.

The main transmitter was on Mount Laguna. We used an AF6O box identifying as "KE6VCR/T9" at 20 words per minute on first and 31st second of each minute. We ran the AF6O box into an 170 watt brick amplifier. The output of the amplifier was fed into an 11 element yagi (vertically polarized) mounted at approximately 15 feet. Tom's RV was set up to welcome the hunters upon arrival with Halloween candy, snacks, and cold drinks.

Tom and I hid 17 other transmitters within 100 yards of the main transmitter, running from 5 milliwatts to 2 watts. All transmitters were on 146.565 MHz.

There were 9 official and 2 unofficial teams.


N6IDF/KF6GWV:-----14 transmitters; 190.2 raw miles (winners!)

N6EKS/N6AIN:------12 transmitters; 197.5 miles

WA6RJN:------------8 transmitters; 210.4 miles

WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ:-----6 transmitters; 254.5 miles

K6SNE:-------------5 transmitters; 187.0 miles
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG :-----5 transmitters  (unofficial)

N6JF/Ken:----------2 transmitters; 304.0 miles

WB6JPI:------------1 transmitter;  263.9 miles and one Vanilla Coke

W6QYY/KD6CQR:------1 transmitter;  (L.O.S.T. team from Yucca Valley, unofficial)

KF6GQ/KD6LAJ:------quit at dusk, about 82 miles away

K6KTP/KG6IYN:------missing in action

Thanks for coming out!

Tom and Scott