October 22nd 2016
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Ron WA6CYY

Location:  Landers Vicinity

I wanted to have a T Hunt that ended with a BBQ where everyone could gather together.  I knew of some interesting history in the Landers area.  My hope was to highlight some of this history.  The first transmitter was going to be hid near the grave of a local Indian character named Willie Boy.  I had found his grave many years ago high on a hill and I hoped I could bounce a signal off the Rodman mountains.  I left Friday morning for my cabin in Landers, disconnected my trailer at the cabin, and headed for the hills to find Willie Boy.  To my dismay, I found I had no phone service…..thus no maps.  I poked around in the hills and could not find a suitable road to high ground.  I found a spot that had a good view to the Rodman Hills, got out the transmitter, tripod, sand bags, UHF antenna and to my dismay, I found I left my VHF antenna back at the trailer (BBQ).  After an hour round trip, I ended up back at the site and  pointed the 11 element beam horizontally polarized, toward the Rodman Hills and returned to the trailer to set up the BBQ site.  This was going to be a 120 W transmitter connected to what was supposed to be an 11 element horizontally polarized beam pointed toward the Rodman Hills.  In the dark, I accidentally put the beam up vertically (on a 20 ft. mast).

After a good night’s sleep, I got up to place the other transmitters and noticed that my beam was vertically polarized.  I was not able to safely take it down and put it back up.  I headed out to place the 2nd transmitter which was hidden at the Integratron (voice transmitter with voice sample from Mr. Peabody cartoon Way Back Machine).  This was a 10 Mw transmitter.   The next transmitter was hidden in the vicinity of Giant Rock.  This site had quite a bit of history with the UFO folks, as did the Integratron.  After about 4 hours, this transmitter failed.  The controller failed to key the transmitter.  After changing the 9V battery and checking the connections, it seemed to work fine.  After a short time, the controller failed again.  After this many trips to the hill top site, my big white vehicle was clearly noticed.  After swapping out the transmitter with one that had no tones but keyed continuously, I left the site hoping for the best.  When I arrived back at the BBQ, I could hear all of the transmitters and everything seemed normal.  Now, all I need is hunters. 

When the hunters began to arrive, I was so excited I forgot to pay attention to the transmitters.  Sometime later, I noticed the transmitter at Giant Rock could not be heard.  I chalked this up to a dead battery and gave it no more thought.  I turned my attention to BBQing some hamburgers, hot dogs and stories from the hunters.

Thank you to all of you that helped me tear it down and load the heavy stuff in the trailer.  I traveled down to Intgratron to pick up my transmitter and then to Giant Rock.  I drove up the hill in the dark and got out to get my transmitter and couldn’t find it.  I thought I may be on the wrong hill but then I found my sign in sheet, but no transmitter, battery or antenna could be found.  DARN!!!!!

I want to thank everyone that came out and made this a successful hide.  I had a lot of fun putting it on and I hope that everyone enjoyed it.


Ron Allerdice


Name            Call           TBOY                 TBBQ                 T TIME VOICE 
STEVE & DON  KD6LAJ/KF6GQ   14:25- 99.0 MILES    15:30-105.6 MILES    14:55-104.0 MILES
DERYL & RAY  N6AIN/N6EKS    17:40-159.4 MILES    15:35-142.9 MILES    15:55-146.1 MILES
TOM & JIM    K6VCR/AF6O     DNF                  17:04-144.1 MILES    15:51-BUNCH OF MILES
DOUG         WA6RJN         16:36-122.6 MILES    17:03-127.6 MILES    17:51-129.3 MILES
BOB & GLENN  WB6JPI/AB6PA   DNF                  18:20-187.0 MILES    DNF


Ray and Deryl's Story
Don and Steve's Story
Jippy and Glenn's Story