OF The
September 28th 2002
All Day HUNT

Hider: Scott N6MI

There were five transmitters. The truck transmitter was in Rowland Heights, on the south side of Powder Canyon regional park (near Fullerton Road and Pathfinder), running about 10 watts to a 5/8 wave vertical. The Three Musketeers transmitters (three GQ boxes on a single fence post, counting as one transmitter) were at the top of a dirt trail, due north of the truck transmitter. A 25 minute walk was required to find this transmitter group. All five teams found the truck transmitter. WB6JPI found the truck transmitter, but not the Three-M transmitter. I have never seen a Sheriff or Ranger in the Powder Canyon area, but one came by and harrased almost everyone on this hunt. Sorry!

Several teams went after the other three transmitters, which SEEMED TO BE in the Angeles National Forest. But, according to all reports, an access route was not found. I will save these three spots for another hunt, with your permission.

The results, without adjustment, are as follows:

N6EKS/N6AIN    52.2 miles -- winner
KD6LAJ/KF6GQ   61.2 miles -- first to find Three-M tees
WA6RJN/KG6KZF  70.1 miles -- just missing a four-peat on all days
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG   73.8 miles -- back from New Zealand for the hunt
WB6JPI        352.0 miles -- not a typo (went up Cajon Pass)

Thank you for coming out.

J. Scott Bovitz