September 27th 2003
Meathead All Day

Hider: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ
Location: Big Bear Lake Area, Butler Pk.

The Hiders Story

WB6JPI Bob's Story
N6AIN Deryl's Story
WA6RJN Doug's Story

I've read everybody's story, and I've had e-mail messages to clarify some sign in questions. It seems that of the three offical teams That made it to T1, Jippy had the best miles. Even though he went the long way to get there. Coming in the back side had the benefit of not getting all of those confusing signals, that the others got. So at this time, I must congratulate the very effective team of WB6JPI of winning the Meatheat hunt of Sept 27, 2003.

Bob signed into T3 with his blood, later when Deryl was at T3, he heard a large animal (chipmuck) size, sneeze. He felt that he was being sized up for dinner. I think it was a bear, that had gotten a wiff of Jippy's blood, and was lying in wait for the next victim. As usual, the hide didn't go as we had planned, but it followed the basic idea. Steve's location was not found, when he went back,  he found several tire tracks that turned around before, going down that trail. Before trying to use the same idea, in the future, Jippy tells me that the simplex repeater was illegal, and I will have to go before a court of law to defend myself.  Me, I think if it is illegal, the rules should be changed for us T hiders.

Hope everybody had a good time, and got home at a reasonable hour.
Don & Steve


Calls           SNAKE T         T3            T2          N6AIN/MINI T   T1/RPT.
N6MI/KE6VCR     DNF         DNF           DNF             DNF           DNF
N6AIN           DNF         8:28 178.30   7:37 172.40     7:12 171.15   7:35 171.5
WA6RJN          DNF         DNF           DNF             DNF           DNF
WB6JPI          DNF         ???? 201.90   5:00 208.30     6:52 209.80   6:51 209.80
K6SNE/N6IDF     DNF         9:10 140.20   4:30 121.30     6:50 132.80   ???? 132.20
N6ZHZ           DNF         DNF           DNF             7:44 UNOF     7:24 UNOF
L.O.S.T.        ??? UNOF    DNF           1:30 UNOF       2:03 UNOF     2:17 UNOF

KD6LAJ had 3 Ts on the south side of the lake but no one found any of them.