September 24th 2016
All Night Transmitter Hunt

Hider’s Story  WA6RJN Doug:

Last month I hid on the north side of Santa Rosa Mountain. The signal was pointed north toward San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains to bounce into the starting point. This month I hid in Yucca Valley and again pointed the beam toward Mt San Jacinto, this time aimed south. The main T was at a radio installation off of Fox Trail just north of Joshua Tree Nation Park running 35W into a 15 element beam.
T11, running 50 mW, was hid not far away at the top of Little Morongo Canyon Rd. T2, 3W into a tape measure beam, was on San Andreas Rd west of Warren Vista Rd.  More to the east was T4 in a Yucca tree running 50 mW on La Contenta Rd south of Indio Ave. North of T4 was T9 also in a Yucca tree off of La Contenta Rd near Joshua Ln.
Overlooking the valley was the Bug T (T6) announcing the number of Ts to find. It was at Balsa Ave and Brown Dr.

KF6GQ / KD6LAJ    T11       T1         T2         T4         T9         T6
Winners !         12:39     1:30       2:20       2:45       3:15       3:50
                  110       112        117        121        125        131

N6MI / K6VCR      T11       T1         T2         T6        T9          T4         
                  2:08      ??         4:15       6:00      6:25        8:30
                  107       109        117        130       136         171


N6AIN / N6EKS     T2       T11        T1          T9         T6
                  1:18     2:02       2:14        3:13       3:48
                  100      104        106         122        127