August 28th Mini All Day Hunt






11:00 Sunday

















Here's the story. Six Teams, N6AIN, N6MI, N6YKE,WB6JPI,KC6TNJ,and KE6VCR. KE6VCR and his companions, came all the way up from San Diego (thanks a lot for the support). At the start, apparently nobody could hear the T. I was frantically trying to call anybody up at the start, but all the cell phone would do is give me their mail box, what fun! So we assumed that since nobody was calling us, the signal must be okay so went back to camp (10 minutes. from T). I get a call from WA6FAT, who tells me that nobody is getting a signal at the start. So we rushed back to T and turned the beam closer to south from 110 degrees (we were already running max power, 80 watts). Then I got somebody that said some of the hunters were going to the Big Bear area, which is where we wanted the bounce to come from, so I announced that a good place for those that couldn't get a bearing, was to go to Big Bear area. Okay, to make a long story short, up at Big Bear the signal was easily heard.

Bearings took it to the Lake Isabella area. Five teams made it into the area, but failed to find the T, only N6MI who stayed out into the morning hours, found the T. He did it by finding every place that the T wasn't, then went to the only place left. He got in at 11.00am Sunday morning with 500.2 miles. We were located at W.118 6.864 N.35 36.396. This is located in the Sequoia National Forest, south of rt. 178 and west of hwy 14. There is only one road up to the location from the east, and it isn't marked on any of the paper maps. We were running 80 watts into a 90' yagi pointed about 128 degrees, hoping to get a bounce off Big Bear. Thanks to those that made the attempt, and sorry about the bad signal at the start.

Don & Steve.

Well Don, you have lived up, or in this case down to your reputation of putting on dirty hunts. To correct your results page, Deryl and I never hunted you. We waited at the start point until 11:25 am, never heard any signal at all, decided not to hunt another no signal hunt and we went and did other more constructive things. The only signal that was heard by anyone at the start was at best a guess that it was your signal. Teams decided to head out, mostly towards Big Bear after your cellphone call to Deryl confirming that was the place to go to hear the hidden transmitter at about 11:15 am. Deryl tried to reach you on your cellphone at least a half dozen times and got your voice mail, he left at least 2 messages for you to call him. So your statement in your write up about not hearing from anyone at the start isn't totally correct. Now I know that everyone funs about no rules and no complaints. But I thought there was one rule and that was that there would be a signal to hunt at least at the start point close to the 10 am start time. And yes I am complaining. Additionally, the one person who found you N6MI, said that the road to you was the pacific crest trail. Deryl and I were on that road in the past and broke our antenna, we were in my 4x4 on that hunt. It is a jeep trail. I doubt whether Deryl's 4x2 truck would have made it this Saturday, if that was the only way in. I am glad we chose not to go on this goose chase.

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