August 28th 2010
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Don KF6GQ and Stever KD6LAJ
Where: 4 Ts at the east end of Holcum Valley on the north side of Big Bear Lake and 1 T on the south east side of the lake.

The plans for the Big Bear Hunt came up quite quickly. I was heading for the UK
at the start of August, and would be back just the week before. I arranged to
have a place to stay over in Big Bear, so Steve & I wouldn't have too much
traveling on the T-hunt day. As it turned out, not only did we have a place
to stay, but was offered an evening meal for the hunters!

Originally we wanted to re-peat the hide we had about 15-20 years ago, but
decided that as few hunters as we get in today's hides, and the years added on
to our bodies, we decided to down size it to something more manageable.
Because one of the T's was going to be the "Food" T, we just picked one of the
aspects of the 15-20 year ago hunt This was the "road of 1000 forks".

Now only Jippy made the right choice of getting a clear bearing before he got into
the Big Bear Lake area of a 1000 Bearing bounces! So he went to the north side of
the lake and stayed there! All the T's (4) in the Holcum valley area, were within
1.0 miles of each other. But to navigate the roads to the T's, would be a nightmare
(daylight mare). We placed the T's on a series of roads that had no obvious direct
ways to each T! Interspersed with these roads, were many house sized boulders,
that always were in front of your progress.

Now Jippy bypassed several of these roads because he went north on Burnt Flat road,
instead of going on the north side of Holcum Valley Meadow. But on his effort to find
"Snake T" and the mini T3 he did travel some of these (the easy way!). We followed
him all the way except once, where I should of followed him, instead I chose to go
around a large boulder instead of following Jippy and caused a bit of paint
deterioration on both the front right fender, and the left upper rear panel.I must
say, the last time I had negotiated that particular piece of trail, I was riding my
motorcycle, and the road was more than enough wide for me!

Jippy finally managed to de-decapitate his mast, and now only had his sniffer to
hunt with. Since he was only one turn and up a bit of a hill away, he was able to
locate T-Snake. Now he had to follow us back to the food T.
See Pictures

When we arrived, Tom & Scott were already there, playing video games and shooting
pool! (now I know why they didn't go after any more T's). Jippy attempted to show
us his Rubik Cube solving robot, but after it got flustered, it did what I usually
do when I can't solve the cube, throw it on the floor!

After about 7:30 Doug showed up and sat down for a spaghetti dinner. After everyone
left for the night, going after T's (I thought), we retired to a welcome sleep.

In the morning Lynn (KA6TAS) and myself went to retrieve the T's and sign in sheets.
No one else had found any of the T's except for the food T.

This is a very interesting area for hiking biking, and 4X4ing. On several of the
large boulders are used quite extensively for mountain climbers to practice their
skills. While setting T's and during pick up, we saw several teams on the rocks.
Steve hasn't got me his pictures that he took, when he does, I will send them out
to the web page.

All in all we had a great time setting up the T's, and getting a chance to visit
with most of the hunters. Was a bit disappointed that most hunters quit before
getting into the most fun part of the hunt, Holcum Valley!

Thanks for those that made the effort to hunt us.

Don KF6GQ & Steve KD6LAJ

Jippy's win will allow him to do the next Meathead.

Jippy found 3 T's on his own, found 4 T's all together.  Winner
MI One T food.
RJN one T food.
AIN no T's no Food!
Location as follows;
T Food        N34.24576   W116.81848
T Main        N34.315184  W116.876461  Running 3 watts, 5 element beam.
T Meathead    N34.317524  W116.877168  At entrance to John Bull Trail.
T Snake       N34.306127  W116.882902
T Mini        N34.308212  W116.881015  This was at "The Wall" which is a favorite climbing area for mountain climbers wanting to practice their climbing.

Jippy's story