August 26th 2017
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: N6EKS Ray and N6AIN Deryl
Location: The main T, The one heard at the PV Start Point, was located in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express in Port Hueneme, Just south of Oxnard. Was an overcast cool day.

There were 3 Transmitters. One was at the hotel running about 10 watts to a 4 element beam, one (Squawk Box) in a bush at a park just east of the hotel and a third one (2 watts to rubber ducky) about 6 miles  north on  N Victoria Ave .

T1 and T3

T4 IDing T1


T1 main T
Calls         Time      Miles
K6VCR/N6MI    2:15 pm   106.8
WA6RJN        3:55 pm    98.8
WA6CYY        DNF

Calls         Time      Miles
K6VCR/N6MI    3:55 pm   122.0
WA6RJN        4:35 pm   101.7
WA6CYY        DNF

Calls         Time      Miles
WA6RJN        2:38 pm    87.3
N6MI/K6VCR    ?         116.8
WA6CYY        DNF

The winner is WA6RJN with 101.7 miles.