Hiders: KF6GQ KD6LAJ


































Note: Actual miles are most likely less, I use 10 miles as the Crenshaw Miles, so most teams will show more miles then their oddometer had.

Because of the embarrassing last All Day Hunt put on by us, we decided that at all cost, the signal will be heard at the start. So using the Delorme Topo USA I studied the lay of the land, for an uninterrupted line of sight shot to the start point. We found such a place in the southern section of Sequoia National Forest Located at N35 28.8'. This spot was at the end of FR28S17 and at an altitude of 8200', had a straight shot to the start point. Leaving home at 2:00pm Friday, we left to find our T locations. We arrived at T2 location N35 25.32" on FR29S04 going to Sorrell Peak, while it was still light, and set up the transmitter. At this location we placed the direction of the antenna back towards the main T, this T was running about 3 watts to a four element beam. Then we proceeded to the prime location, using our electronic map we soon found out that the roads in this area do not follow what the map says so after getting directions from some campers, we finally arrived at the site at about 11:00pm. As we set up camp, I noticed that I could see the lights of Lancaster, so I knew that we should have no problem getting a signal to the start point.

When we awoke in the morning we saw that this location was great! Not only was the site good for the signal, but the view was spectacular! When we tested the transmitter, we got a Q5 report from the hunters, this was using only 1 watt! Now it's up to the hunters. We hid two more mini T's in the area of the main T (T3), these were identified as "Rattlesnake" and the other, as "Over Here". The first hunter to arrive at 4:00pm, was FAT with his wife Elizabeth and son Paul. This team was unofficial so they drove the fast way instead of the shortest. The next team to arrive at about sunset was WA6RJN with his two boys. At this time I didn't know if the teams arriving, had found T2, which would be the closest as you arrive to the area. Then AF6O with TQQ and TNJ arrived, all these teams stopped down the hill from us, because this was the shortest way to T4 (rattlesnake). Soon N6MI & N6AIN arrived. After arriving at the main area most of the teams found T3 easily, it was located on the side of a large rock outcropping it took a slight climb up to the sign in location. Some of the teams had trouble finding the Mini T's. N6AIN lost his way trying to locate Rattlesnake T, a small rescue party went to retrieve N6AIN. AF6O and team spent a couple hours looking for "Over Here" T, only to leave and take a 6 mile circuitous route to a road below the T, only to have to return later to find it (gotcha!). Others had examined the road before coming up the hill. The last to arrive was the team of KC6VCR / KF6AUW from San Deigo, (next months hiders). KC6VCR team stayed the night to locate the T's. Next morning both members of the team went their separate ways and located both of the Mini T's. Then off to T2, which they found at about 11:00am Sunday. Now Bob JPI, never got to our camp site, but was able to find T2, then went to help VCR get his truck unstuck from a ditch (that a boy Bob). Bob then found his curfew time approaching and had to quit. Bob and Cathy were heard from, Sunday morning at 7:30am. They had spent most of the night somewhere out by Dove springs, about 1.5 hours away from any T. They said that they had been racking up miles going in circles. We turned off T3 at 10:30 am after determining that VCR could now hear T2 over T3. T2 and T3 where synchronized together with T2 having a slightly longer time on, so the hunters would be able to get bearings on it, even if T3 was stronger. We hope that the teams that came out had as great a time as we did putting this one on.

Note: Bob JPI somehow got negative miles to T2

Please if someone got good digital pictures of any of the T's or area please send to Jim so he can post them here.

KF6GQ & KD6LAJ, Don & Steve