Results of the August 23, 1997 Mini All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: N6MI and AF6O

Where?.........Orocopia Mountains (Chiriaco Summit)


The Orocopia mountains have now been designated a wilderness area and the only public access is a single road that runs from the 10 freeway across to the Chuckwalla mountains. The main T was situated on this road with a view through a narrow crack back to LA. This T ran 30W to an eleven element beam.

A second T was located on a powerline road just a mile or two as the crow flies from the main T.

A third T was located a few hundred yards East of the Chiriaco Summit restaurant and a fourth T was located a few hundred yards North of the restaurant.

The sign in sheet for the main T notified the hunters that there were three more Ts on 147.585 to be found while travelling home along the 10/60 freeways.


WB6JPI* 341 7 <--- winner
N6YKE* 340 7 
WA6FAT 339 6 

* Crenshaw adjusted