August 22 1998 All Night

After pondering the options we decided to hide in San Diego County. A few years back AF6O and N6YKE (the hiders) followed N6MI on a "No Complaints Hunt" up Los Pinos Mtn. Of course the T wasn't there. It was time to go back to this spot.

Diana (KE6JYX) and Eric (N6YKE) set out the previous Sunday to check out Los Pinos Mtn. We talked to Norm in the Lookout Tower and asked him the possibility of getting to the top of Tecate Peak. He told us the gate was locked on the road in from Tecate but the forest service has graded the road up the front side. We tried the road with the reported gate. To get there it is necessary to drive by numerous Border Patrol vehicles and portable lamps for operation "Gate Keeper". The slogan for our men in green, "the Thin Green Line to Protect Our Borders" fits well. Anyway, there is a gate, not too far up the mountain. The grated road also was gated. Oh well. We tried a few dirt roads in back of Donohue Mtn. The "Thin Green Line" was in full force.

We left the LA basin late Friday and stopped at Tom Bodett's place in El Cajon. The previous week we had noticed no motels except for temporary housing provided by the Border Patrol. Saturday, we were on the road at 6:30 AM. We placed T #2 (2 watts vertical) at the end of Deerhorn Valley Road. Los Pinos Mtn. And Tecate Peak were both visible. Next we placed T #4 (2 watts Horizontal, 3 Element Beam aimed at Tecate Peak) on the Mt. Truck Trail behind Donohoe Mtn. The Thin Green Line was at this site, in force asking what we were doing. Next to Los Pinos Mtn. for T #1 (200mWatts, hortizonal, 5 element beam aimed at Palos Verdes). After the hunt started we went to a dirt road passed the Border Patrol HQ at Campo. A helicopter flew over to see what we were doing. This was T #3 (2 watts, hortizonal, aimed at Los Pinos Mtn.

The team of AF6O and WA6TQQ, having found all four tees, are the winners. Thank you all teams for hunting.

de N6YKE and KE6JYX

Team Starting
Mileage to
T #1 (Time)
Mileage to
T #2 (Time)
Mileage to
T #3 (Time)
Mileage to
T #4 (Time)
Total T's
AF6O/WA6TQQ 231.8 414.7
(5:17 PM)
(9:45 AM Sun)
(11:30 AM Sun)
(6:56 AM Sun)
N6MI 451.25 624.1
(5:13 PM)
(9:05 AM Sun)
(10.14 PM)
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ 944.X   195.75
(6:50 PM)
(4:32 PM)
N6AIN/N6EKS 5966.35 6147.0
(3:55 PM)
KC6TNJ/Diego 1823.9 2006.6
(5:18 PM)
WB6JPI 233.2         0
N6MJN Unofficial      
(4:05 PM)
(2: 37 PM)
WB6HPW/N6BMB Unofficial      
(7:37 PM)
(10:14 PM)