August 22nd 2009
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

We only had three teams to hunt us this time. I guess that the hunters don't want to hunt anymore. I propose that we go to a every other all day month. ie. Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov. Maybe more will hide if it is not as often. If we go back many years, the hunt wasn't until the previous winner set the date. Sometimes many months would pass before a hunt was announced. This usually meant a good showing for the hunt. Just my two cents!

The hunt consisted of two transmitters with about 1-2 watts each, pointed at Mt. Jacinto from the location of Coon Creek Cabin, with the main T using Steve's "Boomer" antenna.  The second T was a recording of the infamous "Snake" T, which everyone knows is a 5mw T, so if you here it, you got to be close.

With the resultant bounce off of Jacinto I think that all teams went up 247 towards Idiwild, before realizing the signals where coming from the north. Deryl (who looks like the winner), went up to Coon Creek Jump off, via hwy 38. Both of the Bobs went via 62 and Pioneer Town. Then a long dirt road up to Hwy 38, east of Big Bear. We initially had 6 T's placed in the walkable area around the main T's. As time went on, we kept reducing the T's till by the time Bob & Cathy got there, we only had three T's going. This didn't matter to the results, because the T's where only out to satisfy the hunters that would of found only three T's not to their liking! As it was, none of those hunters came out. So the mileage shown is the miles into the main T location. 

Thanks for the three teams that did come out, hope you guys had fun.
Now for the long awaited results.

Teams :          Time in:  Final Miles
N6AIN            4:15      186.7 +/- one or 2 miles
WB6JPI           6:36      225.0
N6ZHZ & KD6CYG   8:23      231.6  
Looks like Deryl, N6AIN will be doing the hiding the next time.