July 28th 2018
Mini All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Scott N6MI and Tom K6VCR

This is the official report on the July 27-28, 2018 all day (start anywhere, start anytime) transmitter hunt from N6MI.

Route 4N32 is a 17 mile per hour dirt/oil/paved road. The road can be reached off Aliso Canyon, near Acton, California. The road runs 3.7 miles to an open pit mine of white powder. The road goes another two miles or so past the mine, to Perspiration Point at a locked gate.

The first transmitter was placed on a power line road, just off 4N32, about two miles to the west from Aliso Canyon. This transmitter sent “N6MI” in Morse Code, once a minute. The transmitter usually ran 30 watts (but sometimes just 10 watts) into a three element quad about 6 feet above the ground. The quad was pointed southeast, into Mt. Gleason. I was hoping for a knife edge into the San Gabriel Valley, but the transmitter could only be heard at a single hot spot in Duarte (reported to be 292 degrees, true). This transmitter was shielded from the 14 freeway by a hill to the north. The power lines picked up the signal, according to one team.

The second transmitter was placed at Perspiration Point, near a locked gate, at the very end of 4N32. This 8 watt transmitter sent “N6MI T22” every 40 seconds. The transmitter fed a four element yagi in a bush, pointed toward Mt. Pinos.

Some hunters experienced frustrating reflections during the hunt. The WA6RJN/KG6KZF team went toward the Hungry Valley area, then along the 138 toward Palmdale. N6ZHZ/KD6CYG started on Friday night; they went up and down Interstate 5, ending up at Pyramid Lake; they visited Vasquez Rocks (not close!) four separate times; they were almost in an accident in a roundabout; and they needed a clue to find a transmitter.

The N6MI transmitter ran continuously. Everyone found this transmitter: KF6GQ/KD6LAJ at 11:13 a.m.; N6AIN at 2:53 p.m.; WA6CYY at 4:25 p.m.; WA6RJN/KG6KZF at 6:10 p.m.; N6ZHZ/KD6CYG at 6:35 p.m.

The N6MI T-22 transmitter failed on Saturday afternoon. When I came home, I discovered that my charger cable was broken. The “green” light on the charger was a false indication, and the T-22 battery ran down in the field. (Sorry.) However, two teams found N6MI T-22: KF6GQ/KD6LAJ at 12:55 p.m.; N6AIN at 3:48 p.m.

I declare KF6GQ/KD6LAJ to be the winner. They drove right to the area and found two transmitters before noon. Dang. These guys are good. N6AIN made a controlled second place finish and gets lots of glory.

Thank you for coming out.

 Scott N6MI and Tom K6VCR

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