July 28th 2012
Mini All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Ron Allerdice WA6CYY

We left home about 5:30 Saturday morning to set up the hidden T.  We knew the area we were going to, but didn’t find the exact spot till we got there that morning.  We found a radio site on top of the mountain with a large parking area and decided to put T-1 there. Radio site is Daniel Peak, 40700 Soboba Road, Banning (N 33.83, W 116.954). The altitude is 3860 ft.

 The weather got warm, but a breeze made it still fairly comfortable.   T-1 was a horizontally polarized, 11 element yagi pointed at San Jacinto and running approximately ½ watt. 

Views from T1

       Looking at San Gorgonio                                                                       Looking South
        T-2 Antenna was custom mounted inside a yucca

T-2 transmitter was placed inside an ammo
can and buried beside the yucca antenna at the
bottom of the road leading to the radio site.
It was vertically polarized running about 1/2 watt

  4 hunters left the start point at 10:00 AM, Deryl (N6AIN), Bob (WB6JPI), Doug (WA6RJN), Scott (N6MI) & KJ6SSY (Jon).  Bill (N6BOX) & Glenn (AB6PA) later called and let us know that they joined the hunt unofficially from the Moreno Valley area at about 12:00 PM                                                             

WA6RJN was first to locate T-2 at 3:30 PM. The Yucca containing the antenna
had fallen over and he was kind enough to set it back up for the next hunter.

He Then drove up the hill and reached T-1 at 3:40 PM

Bob (WB6JPI) came in just after Doug at 3:48 PM
At T2 and then 4:15 PM at T-1.

We had bar-be-q hot dogs and cold drinks ready for the incoming T-hunters.
Deryl called in and had to drop out of the hunt due to his vehicle having an overheating problem in the mountains. 
The unofficial team of AB6PA and N6BOX arrived about 5:10 PM, however they came straight to T-1 and didn’t find T-2.
 While waiting for Scott and Jon, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

 Scott let us know about 9:00 PM that he was going to drop out.  We then turned off the transmitters, packed up and got home about midnight.

I really enjoyed being the hidden T, however, being it has been almost 30 years since I last hid an all day hunt, I had forgotten how much work it was.  Thank you all that participated in the hunt…I hope you all enjoyed it.
Ron (WA6CYY) and Jan

Official Results:
CALL           NAME           T-1 MILEAGE   T-1 TIME IN    T-2 MILEAGE  T-2 TIME IN
WA6RJN         DOUG           118.2         3:40          118.1          3:30
WB6JPI         BOB            143.2         4:15          143.1          3:48
N6AIN & N6EKS DERYL and RAY        DNF
N6MI & KJ6SSY SCOTT and JON        DNF
The winner is Doug WA6RJN