July  28th 2007
All Night
Transmitter Hunt
Hiders: Scott N6MI and Tom K6VCR

The story:

On July 28, 2007, N6MI and K6VCR hid three transmitters for the all night transmitter hunt.

The first transmitter (tones plus “K6VCR T1” in Morse Code) ran four watts into a 5/8 wave vertical antenna. This transmitter was placed on the south side of Krakta Ridge (off Highway 2) in the Angeles National Forest, at about 8,000 feet. There was a unimpeded line of sight shot to Palos Verdes, but the transmitter was shielded by mountains from the lower part of Highway 2. The signal was loud in the city, weak on Highway 2, and often seemed to be coming from the south. Hunters were required to walk up a steep hill to sniff out the transmitter. See Exhibit 1 (K6VCR at T-1).

Exhibit 1

The second transmitter (“rabbit” voice) was a KF6GQ transmitter (milliwatts) on Mount Mooney, at about 5850 feet. This transmitter had a higher duty cycle than the typical KF6GQ transmitter. The hunters were required to sniff in a very nice wooded area. WB6PJI noted, accurately, that there was a lot of bear scat on the ground.

The third transmitter failed to come on the air. (Sorry!) The Saturday night sunset from T-3 was really nice. See Exhibit 2 (sunset).

Exhibit 2

N6AIN found both transmitters with 84.7 miles. WINNER! N6AIN will hide in November.

N6ZHZ/KC6CYG  found two transmitters with 100.4 miles.

WA6RJN found two transmitters with 117.6 miles.

WB6JPI found the rabbit transmitter (with a low 63 miles), drove to the second transmitter, watched N6AIN sniff for the transmitter, and then left the without checking in. (We think JPI was looking for spots for his September hunt.)

The weather was HOT below, but very pleasant in the mountains. We hope you had a good time.


N6MI (Scott) and K6VCR (Tom)