July 26th 2008
Mini All Day

Hiders: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ
Where: North of Lake Arrowhead

The Hiders Story

The location north of Arrowhead Lake had been researched several months in advance, and everything was
going as planned, until RJN went and hid in the area that I researched. This met another trip up in the
area on the motorcycles again. This time I went to the south side of Deep Creek. For those of you not
familiar with the area, Deep Creek is a North West to South East uncrossable river, in the San Bernardino
National Forest. If you get stuck on the north side, needing to go to the south side, you're out of luck.
Now, where the Ts where hid, it is quite easy to come up from San Bernardino via Lake Arrowhead,
and drive right to them. One hour fifteen minutes from my home in Monrovia to the main T! Well to be
honest, it takes a bit longer if hunting. After a June day of riding in the area with my wife & son,
I decided on a couple of main areas to hide. One (the main T) was on the road to Devils Hole. This is
actually quite a nice place; it has a  4-wheel drive road down to the edge of the creek, and a motorcycle
trail across the creek to Coxey Trail Road that you who were on RJNâ€'s hunt should know. I hid T1 on a hill just
before the sign that advises that two wheel drive vehicles should turn around before it's too late. A
wonderful all-day type road to that point.  In all, there where five transmitters within about 1.5 miles
of each other. One T was set to 147.555 for the end of hunt meeting place, but because of my earlier
departure, this T was placed at the best road to exit the location. The only team that I'm aware of
that found any of the T's was the team of  N6MI & AF6O. This they did at 1:30am! Bob WB6JPI did get
to Ash Meadows, which was within 1.5 miles of T1, and said that he had a full-scale signal with 40db
attenuation in, when his out of gas light turned on. If you know about the Lake Arrowhead area, I
don't think that they believe in gas stations. So Bob left the area to go get  gas & home. I hear that Deryl
did get as far south on a road that if he got out of his car, and hiked for about 2 hours, crossing Deep Creek,
he would of found T1. But he was one of the ones that quit early (before sundown). Doug RJN wandered
around his favorite road Coxey meadow road, before finding  himself lost somewhere in the Green Valley area.
You have to travel these many roads up in that area to appreciate the many dead ends, private roads, and
rocky/rutted out roads that has to be covered to get to the T from any direction except, of course the way
I drove in. MI & Team came in from the Deep Creek/ Green Lake area and went right by T2, which was
running two watts to a vertical J-Pole. And came onto T5, which was a mini-T, running 50mw, placed in a
hollow tree trunk. Then as they stumbled around trying to find T1, Jim tripped* over T8 another mini-T.
So they found two Ts, which makes them the winners for the next never to be forgotten  Mini-All-Day.
Thanks for all those hunters that came out; I only have the hunters that I heard about to list. N6MI/AF6O,
N6AIN, WB6JPI, WA6RJN, Peter KG6LSE and his mom Louise KI6DGD (I want to hear their story),
and possibly TNJ and TQQ. I do not have any of the check in sheets for time in so have to wait for MI to
get back to us.  Pictures will be coming along soon from Steve LAJ and reference the map for the exact
locations of the Ts.   

*  My interpertation of the event.

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