Results of the July 25th, 1998 Meat Head Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: KF6GQ Don AND KD6LAJ Steve

Where.. McDonald Pk. and Mt. Pinos


We planned the hunt to be a very low powered signal < 500uw , so that if the hunt team didn't take good bearings to get into the right area they wouldn't hear anything.

All went ok until I just had to make one last adjustment, then I shorted out the IDer and had a transmitter that was on constantly. So for a period of about 45 min. I replaced it with a ammo box T which was running about .3 watts output. This might have had a bad side effect in which many hunters thought the signal went away as I went back to the <500uw T. Unfortunately now the T was on continiously but had an IDer a bit different than at the start.

Our plan was to have both T's ID the same, so when the hunters approched the T1 location they would hear the second T thinking that this was the one to go for and go for it, costing many miles to find it.

T1 was up at McDonald Peak shielded from the east by the north south ridge. The <500uw T was feeding a 90' 45 element (20.72dbi) antenna pointed at the start. At least one hunter took many bearings from several locations in which he could hear the T, before attempting to go to T1.

The second T (T2) was on the same bearing from the start (331degrees) as was T1. T2 (a 5mw GQ T) was located on the south slope of mt Pinos, on an easy dirt road to the T. However if one tried to go the short way out (down the hill) an easy road became very difficult. The shortest way between both T's included a very very dificult 4 wheel drive trail ( I dont know if any of our hunters went this way).

We had a great time putting on this hunt including seeing a big brown bear bathing in a water catch basin on our way to set up T1. Sorry that we missed some of the hunters who stopped in our camp (top of Almo Mt.), we did have goodies for those that happen by while we were there. Hope everyone had a great time (I know at times it was frustrating), but those that found T1 seemed happy.



Start Miles to T1 In Order of Finish Mileage T1 time in 1.N6YKE/Jeremy 95.1 258.4 6:32pm 2.WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ 106.9 305.12 6:13pm 3.N6MI/KB6NYW 956.3 1175.0 6:04pm 4.N6AIN/N6EKS 899.0 5.WB6JPI 794.0 6.WA6RJN 682.0 7.N6ZHZ/KD6CYG 496.0 8.KD6SNE 748.0 9.AF6O/OSHIN 1259.1 10.N6MJN/N6XFC Unofficial 8:00pm


T2 T2 Mileage Time Total 1.N6YKE/Jeremy 324.8 12:18am 229.7 WINNERS 2.WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ 377.7 12:19am 270.8 3.N6MI/KB6NYW 1288.1 1:01am 331.8 4.WB6JPI 922.2 2:16pm 128.2* CU 13.785 5.N6AIN/N6EKS 1027.0 2:33pm 128.0* CU 13.913 6.WA6RJN 822.0 5:25pm 140.0 7.N6ZHZ/KD6CYG 642.1 5:50pm 146.1 8.KD6SNE 911.6 5:50pm 163.6 9.AF6O/OSHIN xxxxxx 5:25pm 10.N6MJN/N6XFC Unofficial 3:30pm

* Need to check official Crenshaw Factor, to place AIN JPI
Thanks for all that came out on the hunt, we had a great time putting it on. Sorry to those who couldn't hear the signal after the start, but by taking careful bearings when you could, would have gotten you into the area (then the fun would have started). Would like to hear some of the war stories. Did anyone use the Miller 4wd trail?
Don & Steve