July 22nd 2006
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Tom K6VCR and Scott N6MI
Location: M6MI and K6VCR hid four transmitters on the dirt road between Mt. Gleason (6532 feet) and Iron Mountain (5632 feet), about 15 miles of Palmdale. All four transmitters sounded exactly alike. The main transmitter ran 2 watts to a whip. This transmitter identified with MBR tones. N6MI and K6VCR also hid three very low power Squawk Boxes on the road. K6VCR programmed the Squawk Boxes with the audio from a receiver while listening to one complete cycle of the main MBR tones transmitter. Two of the Squawk Boxes were buried -- only the black rubber ducks showed. One of the Squawk Boxes was stuck in the crack of a dead redwood tree. N6MI and K6CVR placed all Iron Mountain transmitters on the last two miles of the road.

N6MI and K6VCR also hid four other very low power KF6GQ boxes. One was in the N6MI /K6VCR truck (mobile). The second GQ box was hidden on a small, steep dirt road above Mill Creek Summit (4910 feet). The third and fourth GQ boxes were hidden on power line roads on N3, about 5 and 7 miles south of Palmdale (around 3,000 feet)

The weather was hot and humid. A few drops of rain were felt just south of Palmdale.

The N6AIN/N6EKS team found five transmitters and stepped on (but did not find) the third Squawk Box.
WB6JPI found 7 transmitters.
WA6RJN and David (just back from India and Idaho) found all eight transmitters; RJN and David will be hiding in November