May 28th 2016
All Day
Transmitter Hunt
Hiders: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ
Where: San Bernardino area.

Well we wanted to have a BBQ hide, but with only 3 teams indicating they would be coming out, so we canceled the BBQ hunt until a later date.

Since we had already  spent most of our energy on the BBQ hide, we decided to hide close in, with as little expenditure of time / distance from our homes. As it turned out, Glen Helen was having a National Motorcycle Motocross event on Saturday, This should make things interesting if we can hide in an around the event, then hunters would have the extra traffic to contend with. I'm not sure if this actually happened or not, because we couldn't get close enough to the event, to hide because of all the “no trespassing” signs in the area.

Basically the hide was situated close to the Cajon wash basin. There should be lots of possible hiding there. Steve and I went out Monday to check out possible spots, marked them on a GPS and waited to Saturday morning to deploy.

Steve took 5 T's and I also did, so in all we had 10 T's out, however three of the T's were mini T's and would be placed close to one of the other main T's with optional finding or not.
The main T (T BBQ and snake T) where at the beginning of Baily Canyon just outside of the national forest. We had planned on setting up on an old abandon estate, with a view overlooking the East Pomona valley and Western San Bernardino County. When Saturday came about someone had closed the open gate to the estate, so I hid just adjacent to the estate and the road up Baily canyon. This T was running about 3 watts to a 5 element Elk beam. Cookies and drinks were there for a poor substitute for a BBQ! A 5mw GQ T was iding as “Look out for the rattle snake”. This was about 100' up the canyon stuck on the side of a dirt embankment. I was told that this T was extremely difficult to locate (see results for times between BBQ T and Snake BBQ T). After re-positioning the antenna of BBQ T, it was copyable at the start point.

The next T (s) to hide where straight down Palm av. On the south side of the 215 frwy. This T was on the access road to the motocross race and I expected lots of traffic during the hunt. A left hand turn on to a dirt road (just across from the sheriff advance driving training course), about ¼ mile in (no No “No Trespassing”) signs all the way to the T's. Here I hid T7 a 3 watt ammo box T with a wire dipole close to the ground and inside of a tire I hid a 50mw toilet paper roll. You had to step over the tires to get to T7! No one found this one!
The last T I placed was a 50mw voice snake T. This was placed at the south end of this part of Cajon wash area. Many years ago Jippy hide down this road on a hunt. However now the road is closed, so I walked the T in about 315', and place it about 5' off the ground in a tree. This T could be heard at the main T easily but once you got down to the wash level it was difficult to copy. The other interesting thing about this place was it was close to a homeless encampment. It looked like it was being presently used, but I never saw anybody actually there (however, I wouldn't want to guess if that was true at night.

Now, to Steve's Ts. His Ts where all located close to the I15 & I215 interchange. T2 (the main T) was up a long somewhat bumpy dirt road to a shooting area (now when Steve and I checked this place out on Monday, we had selected a spot not as far back, and up in the clear) Saturday Steve thought that it was too easy to locate, and he couldn't hide the antenna well enough, so he picked the artillery range! So when Deryl and Ray arrived someone was shooting in the direction of the hidden T, so Deryl waited until they stopped and he told them they better bug out unless they wanted to be kicked in the butt! ( I really made this up), but they soon left Deryl and Ray to find the T, They found T2 but missed T12, which was hidden just a bit further up/down the road in a bush.

Just across the I15 is a housing development, and at the far eastern end, on a closed access road he placed a GQ T8, running 50mw into a Vertical ¼ element. This was just around a corner within close walking distance.

The next T just off of Glen Helen road, as it crosses the Cajon creek. This was a short dirt road, that if you continue on crosses the wash where the sand is 7.5' deep! Easy to get stuck in, better to hoof it across, about 200' down the wash in a bush.
The last one Steve placed was about ½ mile south of the 15/215 interchange on the north side of the 215. It was like a frontage road, but was dirt and it stuck close to the edge of the freeway. I was actually on the phone with Doug RJN as he located this T, and it took several passes by the hidden location before he actually bagged it!

We hid the T's in Jippy's back yard and he went everywhere but to the T's. When I talked with him about 2:00pm, they where going up Cleghorn Rd. the next time I talked to them, they where out by Lake Silverwood! I hope that he writes a story about his travels and why they ended up in the mountains. Any way they went, to get to Cleghorn Rd., they had to have passed within .1 mile of a T!  Talk about focused!

That's about it, we want to thank you for coming out, and I wish we could have had the BBQ, but with only 3 teams on record it didn't happen.
Thanks again, hope you all had fun! KD6LAJ & KF6GQ


Since several of the Ts were declared unofficial and since he had a properly functioning odometer, I hereby declare Ron, WA6CYY, the winner of the hunt with all the pomp, prestige, and duties with it.This was approved by Doug WA6RJN.

Jippy and Glenn's Story