May 28th 2005
All Night T-Hunt

Hiders: KF6GQ Don and KD6LAJ Steve

The Great All American Memorial Day All-Night Hunt story
By Don KF6GQ
I went out into the Leona Valley about three weeks ago to see if I could find a suitable place to hide. I was looking for a location that would not be a direct shot to the start, but offer a bounce off the mountains to the east, ie. Mt. Baldy. But as I looked, it was obvious that most good spots are on private property. I did find what could be a suitable spot on a microwave tower spot near Lake Elizabeth. If we set the antenna at 90 degrees the side lobe would be pointed at the start. The major lobe would be in the direction of Mt. Baldy. But, it was obvious that when it all started, the beam had to be turned to 110 degrees, and that made a direct signal to the start. I heard that the bearing from the star was 15 degrees, close enough for the hunters to go up the 14 freeway. Oh well, so much for the deception. The top of this mountain is mostly made up of either chaparral or foxtail grasses which made sniffing a fun endeavor. The plan was to set up several min-T’s up on top then set one mini T out in the desert to the north. This was to fool the hunters into sniffing for the one out in the desert up on the top of the mountain.. This might had worked better, it the hunters had cooperated, in going to the main T first on the mountain, then sniffing for the other T’s on the mountain. Out of the 6 official teams only three did it this way. And because the sniffing on the top of the mountain was so appalling ,that nobody was going to sniff for long at the top, before deciding that a trip to the desert was in the offering. I think that the only one to try was Deryl, N6AIN before reluctantly given up, and going down the mountain and searching elsewhere. Three teams went around or came in from north of the mountain, and lucked into the Snake T which was the weak T out in it desert. At each of the T’s was a small package of elder gifts for our newest “over the hill” gang. Happy birthday to Scott, Tom & Steve (LAJ). All of these hunters are or will soon be “over the hill” at 50 years. Congratulations! We had at the top, snacks, chips or cookies, but most of the teams chose the cookies over the chips, because they where, Orieo Chocolate Cookies. We think that even though the hunt was, in the short and easy category , it was enjoyable to most of the hunters. We where also glad to see Jippy out on his first hunt after his challenging, recovery from the surgery. Good to see you Bob. Looking at the results, I have declared the winners of this event, the team of N6MI & K6VCR. Hope to see you on your hide.


T T T T T3 T3 T1 T1 walker walker snake snake Max CF Call miles time miles time miles time miles time Miles Miles K6VCR/N6MI 121.1 4:45 121.5 5:55 121.6 6:00 110.5 3:34 121.6 136.63 Winner N6AIN 106.5 2:23 106.8 2:07 106.3 1:59 124.1 4:40 124.1 137.89 K6SNE/N6IDF 130.5 3:05 131.0 3:20 131.1 3:35 109.0 1:45 131.1 147.30 WA6RJN 162.7 7:10 164.0 7:10 164.3 6:58 122.7 3:32 164.6 184.90 KG6TES/N6JF 137.7 6:25 137.1 5:30 137.4 5:58 DNF DNF DNF WB6JPI DNF DNF UNF 3:20 UNF 2:55 DNF DNF UNF

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