May 27th 2017
Meathead All Day
Transmitter Hunt
Hider: Doug WA6RJN

Hunt Report


There were two events the same weekend, the hide and running communications for a marathon. Both required leaving home at about 5 AM. Angeles Forest and the Angeles Crest Hwy were near by allowing me to hide the Ts and be ready for the marathon the next day. After the marathon I would pick up the Ts.

T1 was hid at the turn off to Mt Wilson where it would echo off the mountains to the east, hopefully creating a signal that would look like it was over the mountains to the north. It was running 40W into a 45 degree 6 element beam.

T11 was to lead to where T3 could be heard. T3 was north up Upper Big Tujunga Cyn running 4W into a whip.

From T3 I was hoping T5 (50 mW) could be heard as T3 was down a canyon from T5. Later, when hiding T3 I found this was not the case so I hid T7 near T5 using 3W and a beam to be heard at T3. To get to T7 the path went by a dead deer so this T became known as the “dead deer T”.

 I found out later this didn’t work either at T3. When picking up Ts I found T2 could be heard at T11. Wish I knew that before hiding T7.

T4 lead the hunters to the Newcomb’s Ranch eatery. I put T4 on the far end of the parking lot next to the Newcomb Ranch sign to be away from the crowd. Apparently the sign is a popular place for the bikers to get their pictures taken with their girl friends and bikes.

The Bug T was just something to find on the way to T2.

T2 was on Angeles Crest Hwy where Hwy 39 once joined. It was running a half watt into a 3 element beam pointed west. This was to lead the hunters from T5. I was surprised how well the signal propagated all the way to T11.

T11’s sign sheet seems to have gone missing.

The marathon also went well. There were about 3000 runners.


N6MI T1 T3 T7 T5 T4 Bug T T2 TIME 1:25 PM 3:00 PM 4:04 PM 4:11 PM 4:25 PM 5:00 PM 5:23 PM MILES 63 83 88 94 96 104 110 KF6GQ KD6LAJ T1 T5 T7 T4 Bug T T2 T3 TIME 12:07 PM 1:20 PM 1:35 PM 1:55 pm 2:30 PM 2:59 PM 3:47 PM MILES 57.8 69.8 70.1 72.2 80.3 83.4 111.6 N6EKS N6AIN T1 T5 T7 Bug T T2 T3 TIME 1:02 PM 1:48 PM 2:OO PM 2:31 PM 2:58 PM 3:57 PM MILES 60.4 72.2 72.5 81.9 87.3 113.1
Crenshaw factors were used and the team of Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ were declared the winners.