MAY 27TH 2000

Hiders: Dave N6MJN, Steve N6XFC, Deryl N6AIN

Listed in order of T's found
 KF6GQ   T3   190.0   5:45     WINNERS      
 KD6LAJ   T5   200.6  6:20          
   T6   207.0  5:30          
 START  T1  217.7  8:00          
 MILAGE  T4  218.5  8:15          
 667.X  T2  237.5  9:30  Total   milage   237.5   CU  25.27 

 N6MI   T2   543.2   2:??           
   T5  550.1  2:00           
 START  T4  574.2  4:00          
 MILAGE  T6  585.3  5:25          
 382.4  T3  592.2    ??          
   T1  DNF    TOTAL   MILAGE   202.9   CU   21.59 

 WB6JPI   T2   435.9   3:10           
   T5  442.6  3:42           
 START T4  454.4  4:45          
 MILAGE  T1  595.0  5:50          
 274.3  T6  767.7  7:30          
   T3  DNF    TOTAL   MILAGE  493.4   CU  53.05 

 KE6VCR   T2   103.9   3:55           
 KE6PHB  T5  112.8   5:09          
   T4   125.0  6:47          
 START  T1  131.0  7:35          
 MILAGE  T6  140.5  9:20          
 937.8  T3  DNF    TOTAL   MILAGE   202.7   CU   22.77 


T1 was located about ¾ of the way up the road to Mt. Cerro Noroeste
(also known as Mt. Abel ), west of Mt. Pinos in southern Kern County.
The T was about 50 ft. off the west side of the road running less than
½ watt to a 15 element beam pointed at the start point.

T2 was an AF6O board in an Ammo can with a ¼ wave antenna.
Located a mile or so beyond T5 with a good view of the south
End of the San Joaquin Valley.

T3 was an AF6O box with a rubber duck.
It was location 5.1 miles down Quatal canyon.

T4 was a MBR box with a cutoff coat hanger for an antenna.
Located in a turnout about ½ mile further up the road and
around the corner from T1. This is where we waited for everyone.

T5 was located at Cowhead Potrero on Cerro Noroestee Rd. At this location it
over looked the valleys to the North, South & West. The T was in an Ammo
can running about 2w with a 5/8 magmount placed in a tree.

T6 micro T
Located approximately a 1/2 mile up the road to San Emigdio Mt. It was
in a tree about 7' up over looking Cerro Noroestee road going to the