May 26th 2007
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Scott N6MI and Tom K6VCR
Hiding Place:
The transmitter was placed near the Garnet Queen Mine, about 5.9 miles south on Pigeon Springs Road (Forest Route 7S01) from Highway 74. This road is also known as the Sawmill Trail (5E03).

The entrance to the road was near a fire station and cafe, but was not well-marked.

And As See From the South:

From the hidden transmitter, the starting point in Palos Verdes was on a 275 degree bearing.  (pointing toward the start point).

The transmitter ran 30 watts into a three-element quad, pointed 320 degrees. This generated a solid northerly bearing for the hunters.

A second (fail-safe) low power transmitter (identifying “N6MI T-1”) was placed about 10 feet from the main transmitter, to ensure that a signal would always be on the air. This was a KF6GQ box, running into a vertical whip.

 The hiding spot was marked by a large chimney. We  saw abandoned mining equipment in the area.

The quality of Pigeon Springs Road was BETTER than many t-hunt roads. But, N6MI’s fog light just...fell off the truck...on a bit of rocky road.

(An addendum from Scott:  According to the Nissan mechanics: the bracket holding in my left fog light just broke in half and the light dropped onto the dirt; the screws on both front mud flaps sheared off; and the leaf springs got a little dirty (and squeaky ). It would appear the road was a bit rougher that I thought.)

KF6GQ and KD6LAJ found the road in the late afternoon, along with N6AIN. They decided not to test their luck on a rough (but fun) section about four miles up the road. While the weather was warm and sunny, the teams failed to walk the two miles to the hidden transmitter.

 N6ZHZ and KD6CYG were all over the area, but did not find the road.

 Unless there is an objection from the board, N6ZHZ and KD6CYG will be hiding in October.

 All photos by K6VCR.


 N6MI and K6VCR