May 24th 2014
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

Steve and I thought that a start at Cajon Summit and having the T somewhere in the Big Bear area would be a good choice. Initially we thought a signal that could only be heard from a bounce off of Mt. Gorgonio  (11,000' +) would run the hunters a bit crazy! However as hunts go, we had a problem with the long antenna, and had to use a lower gain (wider beam pattern) and more power setup. WA6RJN Doug got a bearing that was directly at us, and N6AIN & N6EKS Deryl & Ray, Got a signal more towards Mt. Gorgonio. When Deryl got to the south side of Big Bear Lake, they couldn't tell which direction the signal was coming from, and spent many extra miles going all the way down to hwy 38 before coming around the east side of Big Bear, and getting into the area of the T's. Doug went up the 18 (back way to BB lake) and came directly into the T area. The main T was hidden on the western end of the infamous John Bull trail! We had a direct shot to Mt. Gorgonio from the main T. Two other T's were hidden within .5 miles of the main T. One at the very end of the rough portion of John Bull (see video) and the other at the end of spur 3N10A. We had a 4th T near the climbing rocks near Holcomb Valley. However even though one of the Teams thought they found T14 (near John Bull) it was a fake T! The real T14 was a couple of feet away! The T that Doug signed into was just a large bolt in a Altoids can, with a rubber ducky on it! Now when Ray was sniffing in the area, both Steve and I where there, and Ray actually stepped on the real T, and completely missed the fake T, that was hidden in a rock crevice. Since Doug found three of the T's with 65.5 miles (remarkable), and Deryl & Ray only found one T with 94.1 miles, the hunt winner is Doug WA6RJN.
Thanks to the teams for coming out to hunt, we hope you had a good time looking.
Don & Steve.

Doug's Story

Ray and Deryl Story

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