May 23, 1998

On May 23, 1998, Wayne Hoover (KB6NYW) and J. Scott Bovitz (N6MI) put on the all day hunt for the Los Angeles and Orange County transmitter hunters.  There were three main transmitters (which all identified as KB6NYW).  Mini-transmitters (which all identified as N6MI) were placed near each main transmitter.  The winners were required to find all six transmitters.

KB6NYW T4 was hidden near Little Cahuilla Mountain.  This was an AF6O box running 3.5 watts.  KB6NYW T4 could be heard from a number of spots near Hemet,  Sedco Hills, and high spots in Riverside County.  N6MI T4 was hidden nearby.  This was a KF6GQ 5 milliwatt box.

KB6NYW T5 was hidden in the Sedco Hills, just east of Lake Elsinore.  This transmitter was a hand held, running 1.5 watts to an 8 element beam.  The beam was pointed at Mount Baldy.  This transmitter could be heard at Palos Verdes and almost everywhere else in Riverside County.  The N6MI "voice t" was planted about 1 mile away, on Cottonwood Canyon (just off the road).

KB6NYW T6 was hidden at about 5200 feet in Goft Flat (near the town of Thomas Mountain, at the intersection of the 74 and 371).  This transmitter was an AF6O box, running about 3.5 watts to an 11 element beam.  The beam was pointing to Wrightwood.   This transmitter could be heard at the start point and almost everywhere during the hunt.  The N6MI T3 was a KF6GQ box, feeding a three element quad.  N6MI T3 was about 1/2 miles south of KB6NYW T6, on a side "road" going down a small ridge.   The road was only .2 miles long and was an easy walk (though most hunters drove the road).

The results:

              N6MI       N6MI    N6MI    KB6NYW    KB6NYW    KB6NYW   TOTAL    RAW       PLACE
               T1        Voice    T3      T4         T5        T6      Ts    MILEAGE
N6MJN/N6XFC  12:00 AM   3:18 PM 6:35 PM  12:30 AM  3:04 PM   6:55 PM    6     302.7       1
KC6TNJ/N6AIN 12:00 AM   3:16 PM night    12:30 AM  3:03 PM   7:52 PM    6     319.5       2
KF6GQ/WB6GSO   x       11:30 PM 5:53 PM    x      10:56 PM   5:18 PM    4     258.9       3
AF6O/WA6TQQ    x        2:00 PM  x         x       5:00 PM   night      3     211.5       4 (TIE)
WA6RJN/son     x        3:30 PM  x         x       5:35 PM   last       3     213         4 (TIE)
WB6JPI         x       11:55 PM 5:07 PM    x        x        2:48 PM    3     177 plus    4 (TIE)
KD6SNE/guest   x        5:57 PM  x         x       5:25 PM   9:45 PM    3     217 plus    4 (TIE)
WA6FAT/family 9:04 PM   9:44 PM 4:20 PM   6:36 PM  7:52 PM   3:39 PM    6     unofficial  8
N6ZHZ/KB6CYG   x        4:24 PM  x         x       3:52 PM   9:45 PM    3     unofficial  9
KK6XL          x         x       x         x       4:43 PM    x         1     unofficial 10

The WA6FAT team included:  WA6FAT;  WB6YMI;  WB6HPW;  Lily;   and Emma.  KK6XL found her first transmitter at KB6NYW T5.