May 23rd 2015
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

Well as we know best laid plans rarely come to fruitation as we wanted. This hide was no exception. After several weeks of Google Map examination and trips to the area, we were ready for the hide. Of course this time of year we sould expect nice warm weather. On my way over to Steves house early Saturday morning, I ran into a quite heavy downpour! Then as we closed in to the Cajon Pass area it was all covered in low lying clouds, that actually was hitting the ground in places. This is called FOG!, and boy was it dense in many of the chosen hide areas. Time to punt, look for places we can easily get to wether or not we can see what we are doing. Especially  for me.  I had planned several T's that would of been up in the foothills of the forest behind Mt. Baldy!
Another thing that we hadn't planned for, but did make an interesting problem for the hunters, was the north bound exit was  closed for Cleghorn Rd. And the top half of Cajon Blv. This is where several T's were to be placed.  As it turns out we had to place the main T T3 up near the Summit Inn, to be able to get a signal into the start point. Steve didn't have a beam with him, because only one beam was going to be necessary, and I had it! Steve's location with T2 would of worked if he had had a beam antenna. Time is now running short, so I hightail it back up to the top of Cajon Pass to place a T which could be heard at the start. I finally got it set up with about 5 minutes to spare! After confirming that the signal could be heard at the start, I left the area (apparently leaving without leaving a sign in sheet). I needed to get back to setting out more T's since we only now had less than about an hour to get them placed. I didn't know where Steve had placed his T's, and he didn't know where I had also. After about noon I had contacted several of the hunters to see how thigs where going, and it was obvious that the hunt wasn't going to be over anytime soon, so Steve went back home to do some paper work he needed to get done before Sunday. I stuck around, and latched onto Doug by following him as he ran amuck trying to locate T2, which he felt was just up the trail from anywhere we happen to be! I had hoped that he would help me locate Steve's T's so I would be able to locate them when I needed to fetch them in the morning. He failed me, he only found two of Steve's T's! However I did have emence fun trying to follow him as he bounded around all the dirt roads as he was trying to find T2.  I got the notice from MI and team that two of my T's were hidden in a patch of poison Oak! Oh wow!  I hope not. Note: When I picked them up, I didn't think that this was true.  Steve came out Sun morning about 6:00am and picked up all of his T's, so I could just look for mine. It was tiring but also fun, we want to thank all the hunters that came out.
 Don KF6GQ & Steve KD6LAJ

Comments on the results of the hunt.
We had some interesting things that apparently happened on this hunt.
Because of the limited Id's we had for the T's, we had some that Ided the same, T3 & T9 sorry about that. We had a T, T9 that was up above the 15 freeway, not too far from one that MI had hid there several years ago. We had a T down by the intersection of I 215 & I 15. This one was easy to pass by, then if you don't exit on Kenwood, you have to go all the way to the 138 before returning. It looks like we didn't fool three of the teams, but didn't have the other two stop on the way back. Steve hid one T T12, just on the other side of the stream on the other side of the railroad tracks. Only Ron CYY found this one. Steve also hid a T T9 near the double railroad under crossing on the OHV trail that would eventually get you to T2 at the top end of the trail. CYY and RJN found this one note, as I was following Doug, he passed right by it on the way to find T2! He (we) then came all the way back to bag it! T2 was up on Baldy Mesa trail, which can be gotten to from Oak Hill on the top of Cajon Pass (Summit Inn). It must have been an easy road, because Jipp & Glen were able to check into it. CYY was the only team not to check into this T. Also up on the ridge, only on the East side of I 15, over in back of the Summit Inn, I hid T3, the one that could be heard from the start. This T was running about 5 watts into a Log periodic antenna pointed at Mt. Baldy (I hope, no visibly of Baldy at the time of set up). All teams logged into this one. I must thank N6AIN & N6EKS for providing a sign in sheet for me. This kind act of kindness earned them a one half found T point! We had some interesting hidden T's this time. Since you can buy a Baofeng UV5 for less than $30, they make a great T hide transmitter, Add a little programmable chip and you got yourself a nice cheap hidden T (Thanks to Jippy for help in me getting these on the air) (3 of them). Also those of you that found the toilet paper rolls with a Squawk box T inside (hope someone got a picture). One still had usable paper on it!  One the the Baofeng's was up on Lone Pine Canyon road, T17 running about 2 watts into a ¼ wave whip, this T wasn't found by anyone! What is interesting, is that it could be heard up by T2 and just above the 138 on I 15, and down to the intersection of Lone Pine and Swarthout Canyon road, about 1.5 miles from it, but no one signed into it!
Snake T was on the same road Jippy hid some time ago, when he had two T's fairly close to each othe, one uder the power tower, and the other just down the road a bit, Snake was just up into the hills to the northwest, and could be heard from T2 location, I 15 and Lost lake area, which will take us to that location. T11 was hidden at the Lost lake parking area, in a tree / bush about 200' from the parking area. This was another chip programmed to run my ICOM IC-V8, this one was T11 found by 3 teams, and this one could be heard on the 15 below Cleghorn Rd. Then there was the T3' transmitter. This one was located on a small ridge on the first ¾ mile of Lone Pine Cyn Rd. It consisted of two box's, one was a dummy and the real one was hidden in the bush behind the dummy T. Only one team found this one (I don't know why it wasn't found by more teams, except  that it had the same Id as the main T3. I know several teams drove by it. So the team of N6MI & K6VCR found the dummy T and had a ½ T taken from their score! There was one T, T8 that was by a railroad track just north of 138 and almost to where the track goes under I 15, that no one found, so altogether  there where 11 T's that had been found by the teams, and 13 T's were placed and running. There will be a marked map showing the locations of each T.
Oh! before I forget the results are as follows:

Fifth from first place is the team of Jippy & Glen
Fourth from first place id the team of WA6CYY
Third Place is WB6RJN
Fourth from Last place is N6AIN & N6EKS
Fifth from Last place is N6MI & K6VCR

That's it and many thanks for coming out on the hunt.

Don KF6GQ & Steve KD6LAJ.