April 23, 2011

It was a not too sunny day not too hot and not too cold.. The hide was to be around the Diamond Valley Lake and Lake Skinner, taking advantage of the fact that there is little or no East-West routes in the area and lots of typical Riverside County un-maintained dirt roads. To get to the area from the west required some 12 miles of dirt, from the north it was 7 miles and from the south you had to go 15 miles of pavement and 4 miles of dirt. You couldn’t get there from the east. Such a fine place.

T1 (Iding T10) was located on Crown Valley Road  (N33 38.714 W116 59.742) was a 30 watt PICCON into a 13 el wide-spaced horizontal Yagi up 12 ft pointed at Mt Baldy . It could be heard at PV using SSB but was quite strong at Pathfinder and at the intersection of Green River and the 91 fwy.

 T8 (Iding T1) was about 100 yards north (N33 38.819 W116 59.791) running inside an Easter Egg at 50 milliwatts.

T2 (Iding T6) was running 30 watts into a horizontal Halo at 10 ft and was strong at Lytle Creek. It was located on a dead end road called Hidden Valley. (N22 38.841 W117 01.423).

T6 (Iding T11) was a squawkbox into a rubber duck about 15 ft south of T4.

There were two hunters, N6AIN/N6EKS and  N6MI.

CALL                         T1                     T8                     T2                        T6

N6AIN/N6EKS         137.3                 138.2                 141.5                    141.5
                                   1:57PM            2:07PM            2:44PM                2:47PM

N6MI                          151.0                185.4                182                        182
                                    5:00PM             7:30PM            6:00PM              7:00PM

Scott and I had a nice Mexican dinner in Hemet where Scott found some very delicious non-refried beans. We separated very soon after.dinner.

Since Scott, N6MI started at the Pathfinder start point instead of the designated PV start point he is penalized and declared the winner.