April 22nd 2017
Mini All Day
Transmitter Hunt

The Hider: Doug WA6RJN

I had a hunt ready planned out but some of the logistics came apart so I needed another area. I did have a couple more I could use. I felt prompted to check out the Malibu mountains. The first location to find is always for the lead-in T. I thought I had found a place on Stunt Rd according to my mapping software and some Google maps. Since it wasn't at the top of the hill another smaller T would be needed there (T4).

Arriving at the primary location on Friday afternoon  I discovered my mapping software did not show me that I did not have a clear shot to the west. I did find a small turn out with some rocks but it required walking up the road a bit. Turns out God had had a surprise for me. ­ Directly across the road from where I had parked was a set of stairs using railroad ties. Climbing them yielded a great place to hid T1. From there the 6W signal could be heard all the way to the Moreno Valley.



Based on being able to hear the other Ts from the top of the hill I picked places (using the mapping software and Google Maps) for the other Ts. Of course 4 of these sites did not work out because it was closed, there was no parking, or there was a hill in the way. This included where I was going to hide T10. T10 turned out to be the most difficult T to find a place for. I spent an hour and a half until I finally found a place that should be heard for quite some distance. There were 8 Ts and 7 of which could be heard. The Ts were collected early Sunday morning leaving me free to be home on Saturday. T10 was difficult to the end as there must have be a problem with the antenna as it could not be heard until you were in front of it.

Since the places I had picked for some of the Ts didn't work out I had to punt and find alternates for T7 and T3.

Both teams found all of the hearable Ts but N6AIN/N6EKS did it in the shortest time and are declared the winners. An interesting note, they used my technique and ran the route backwards. Good thing I decided to hide T3 and T7 where I did.


 T4     10:08 am
 T1     10:24 am
 T5     11:04 am
 T2     11:57 am
 Bug T  12:37 pm
 T7      3:30 pm
 T3      6:15 pm
 T7     10:15 am
 T3     10:24 am
 Bug T  11:22 am
 T2     11:37 am
 T5     12:44 pm
 T4      1:05 pm
 T1      1:20 pm

N6EKS Ray and N6AIN Deryl Declared Winners.