Results All Day hunt March 25th 2017           

Had hoped for more participants, but you get what you get!  We had set out 6 T's. One was as far west as Monrovia, T13. This was running 50 mw. Was at a altitude of 1206 ft. I should have had Lynn set this up at an earlier time so it wouldn't had the stronger T's to contend with. No one found T13!

Steve set up two T's separated by no more than 500 feet. I don't know what Ron did but he managed to put on almost 2 miles between getting these two.

T11 which was in the Marshall Canyon area.
It ran 3 watts to a wire dipole strung between two branches of a local tree.

T7 was up on Glendora Mountain road just north of Newman's point in some bushes overlooking the San Gabriel River.
This T was running 3 watts to a wire dipole in the bushes.

From T7 location T12 could be heard quite easily, and was down on hwy 39 next to San Gabriel Reservoir.

We as always hoped for more hunters, We have a hunt coming up in July, and I was hoping for more teams so we could have a BBQ. So from this date on we will be requesting a commitment from the hunters
if you will be able to make it, if not no BBQ! Thanks for the two teams that came out this week. Steve KD6LAJ & Don KF6GQ.



Calls        Time         Miles           
N6EKS/N6AIN  11:00 am     35.3
WA6CYY        2:19 PM     61.9

KD6LAJ T9    

Calls        Time         Miles
N6EKS/N6AIN  11:10 am     35.3
WA6CYY        3:00 pm     63.7


Calls        Time         Miles
WA6CYY       12:06 pm     32.3
N6EKS/N6AIN  12:50 pm     75.9


Calls        Time         Miles
N6EKS/N6AIN   2:00 pm     98.3
WA6CYY       DNF


Calls        Time         Miles
N6EKS/N6AIN   2:50 pm    113.0
WA6CYY       DNF



Deryl and Ray are Declared the winners.