March 24th 2007
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Tom K6VCR and Joe KE6PHB
Tom's story.
The plans that Scott and I had made for this hunt were foiled by health issues with Scott so on Thursday evening, I started making a plan for a hide a little bit closer to home and enlisted the aid of my San Diego hunting partner Joe, KE6PHB. I looked at several places using computer modeling and decided on Margarita Peak for the main transmitted location. I hoped that being from San Diego that the hunters would assume it was there and take the 5 freeway instead of the 15 freeway. JPI reported that there was no signal at Green River, it is assumed that the rest of the hunters took my bait and came down the 5.
T-1 was running 1 watt into an 11 element beam. The sign in sheet at T-1 proclaimed that everyone on the hunt had hidden there at least once and that it was a favorite 6.5 mile dirt road that everybody (especially JPI) loved very much. This T was only heard at the start point.
T-2 was a squawk box with a rubber duck hidden 300' from T-1 up the road at the gate. The only one who found this transmitter was some 4 legged critter, possibly a skunk or a raccoon. It ripped into the plastic bag that the T was in, opened up the altoid tin and had it's way with the circuit board. It also ripped into the separate bag that contained the sign in sheet. Needless to say, none of the official hunters found T-2. At least it had not hidden or hunted a T in this location before...
T-3 was an AF6O box into a 4 element beam. It was hidden several miles down Teneja Truck Trail and was filling the valley with signal. It has been rumored that AIN drove up the De Luz dirt road/Teneja Truck Trail which he entered in the Fallbrook area. That is one long, slow, dirt road. He was distracted by something and then realized that the signal was behind him and elected not to go back for it.
T-4 was 4 watts into a 5/8 wave vertical. This was the loud, annoying, Picon tones that could be heard just about everywhere. I don't know what the unusual structure was, may a covert microwave relay site.
T-5 was another squawk box with a hot rod antenna. This site was a local lovers lane type of hang out. This T was very loud in several places.

The results are:

TEAMS                  Ts FOUND         MILES   PLACE
W6JPI                  4 T's (4,5,1,3)  140.75