March 23rd 2013
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Steve KD6LAJ and Debra KG6LOR
Where: On or about Pilot Rock Truck Trail,Tunnell Rd, north west of Lake Arrowhead.


Another beautiful day for a transmitter hunt!
Don (KF6GQ) had scouted out a great location to hide a low power (5 Millawatts) transmitter and still get a huntable signal at the start point. It allowed line of sight straight through a low spot in the mountain range, and just over top of the ridges in between. And it had the usual water crossings and rough roads required for a satisfying hunt. And the spot was nice enough to provide an antenna eating tree at the top of a steep climb. And someone planted a dangerous snake nearby. (More on that later.)

Steve (KD6LAJ) and Debra (KG6LOR) set out early to get into the area, and allow time to take any alternate routes necessary, due to road damage, etc. Arriving at the main T location, and being unable to make the climb with street tires, Steve and Debra climbed on foot, carrying the necessary items up to the ideal location. Steve managed to break the custom made cable to attach the small transmitter, identifying as T3, to the 5 element Yagi antenna. Another trip down and up with various adapters and cables filling Debra's pockets was required. Anxiety won out, and Steve could
not wait, so he put the transmitter on the air at 9:20 AM. After confirming that it could be heard and hunted at the start point and at Deryl and Ray's alternate location, he placed the sign-in sheet in the tree and moved on. Two more transmitters would be placed, with important warnings about the rattlesnake seen in the area. These were strategically placed at the outside extent of the hunt area, so that any approach would take you near to one of these transmitters first, giving you important warning information.

A fourth transmitter, identifying as T8, Was placed nearby on Miller Canyon Road. Unfortunately, it was not able to be reprogrammed with warning information, and so proved to be too little and too late. (See pictures of Jippy's extensive injuries sustained during the hunt, with some being inflicted by proximity to the now famous serpent, despite increased warnings about same.)

Three teams came out, and, in order, found each transmitter. First to find each T was Deryl (N6AIN) and Ray (N6EKS), which is not surprising, since they had a head start and had to be disqualified by the board. Next to find each T, was the injured Bob (Jippy, WB6JPI), dripping blood everywhere, making it relatively easy for Doug to follow the blood trail when sniffing on foot. Bob was able to edge out Doug (WA6RJN) for the win, even though he was lucky to escape from the hunt with his life.

Results (Official and board certified):
N6AIN and N6EKS (Disqualified for head start from a closer location)
WB6JPI WINNER (with injuries)
WA6RJN Runner Up (with last laugh)

Hiders confirmed that all hunters had a great time, despite serious injuries, and all non-indigenous serpents were removed after hunt concluded. (Thanks Doug for taking care of that.)

Debra and Steve Harris

New Snake T

Where it was hidden


T3 Main T heard at start Point (5 millwatts)

T3 antenna

Old Snake T

Old Snake T

Another view of Old Snake T

Doug's Story
Jippy's Story
Deryl and Ray's Story