All Night
Transmitter Hunt
March 23rd 2002

Hiders:Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

On Sat. March 23, Steve and I set out four transmitters. One 5mw. at the entrance to AZUSA Canyon. This one was to convince the hunters to go up hwy 39 . The others where on hwy 2 in the Angles National Forest. No one heard it on the way up hwy 39, but Deryl found it on his way back out. He signed in with 31 miles. He then quit the hunt, leaving WB6JPI to hunt alone. Well it seems that Bob went up 39 also till he ran out of road, came back down, then went up Cajon Pass, to 138 to hwy 2. At BlueRidge, he was able to hear all four transmitters, but the signals seem to be coming from below. So off went Bob back down to Glendora Mt. Road, circled around and came back out hwy 39. Still did not hear The 5mw.T. So after examining the next two canyons west of AZUSA Canyon he went up hwy 2 again, this time from the La Cannda side. At about 12:30am he found one of the T's at our campground (Chilao). He left and countinued to hunt for the others, but was not able to locate them. Now you guys who didn't come out on this hunt missed the best part of the hunt. As we were placing the T's at 3:30pm or so, it started to snow and the fog rolled in. Even in the day you couldn't see more than 50', so I could imagine how it was at 1:00am! Poor Bob, he was frezzing, tired, and cranky so he left before he located any more T's. So because AIN quit with only one found at 31 miles, and Bob found only one at 260 miles, AIN is declared the whinner of this hunt. Thanks for comming out on the traditional all-night hunt.

Don & Steve