February 23rd 2008
Mini All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Wayne KC6TNJ Pete WA6TQQ

Where: 3 Ts in the Joshua Tree/ Palm Springs area.

T1 was in Pete's pickup truck at Keys View.

T2 was at a Powerline Tower on a service road just off White Water Canyon Rd.

T3 was located just north of Dillon Rd west of Bennett Rd.


Tee One   Ran 25 watts into 17 element beam.  Loud at the start.

CALLs             Miles   Time 

KF6GQ             176.7   14:51     Winner
KD6CYG/N6ZHZ unofficial   18:14
WA6RJN       unofficial   18:20

Tee Two   First tee found, 2 watt into a 4 elements beam.  Heard leaving the start.

KF6GQ             120.5   12:45
N6AIN             119.7   13:30
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG unofficial   13:30
WB6JPI            159.0   15:15

Tee Three  Last tee found by most, 5 watts into a 5 element beam.  Loud at tee two.

KF6GQ             229.4   16:53
N6AIN             229.8   17:30
WB6JPI            237.2   18:25
KD6CYC/N6ZHZ unofficial   20:24
WA6RJN       unofficial   20:24
Peter and I hope everyone had a great time. We tried to put on a good hunt that did not run to late. We would love to know if anyone used Burdoo canyon, from tee one to tee three. And we hope the hunt made you think.
Wayne KC6TNJ