Meat Head All Day
Transmitter Hunt
February 23rd 2002

Hiders:Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

Thanks for thoses that came out. For the three teams that I had an opertunity to talk to they had a good time (up to that time anyway).

We started off bad on Friday night, when ariving at one of the T sites, found that the T that was suppose to be placed there wasn't working. So in went the backup T. This T was located at A lookout point on Glendora Mountain Road, above AZUSA. It was running 1.67 Watts to a ducky. So I went back home to see what had happened to the T, and of course it was working fine!

Next morning early we got started with all the junk, to place at various locations. When we got to one of the locations, I found that we had bought everything except the transmitters!!!!! Oh HELL! what to do now! All we had with us was the broken(?) transmitter that was suppose to be at the Glendora Mountain Road location. So off we went and found the only place that we thought we could get a signal back into the start point using 5mw! We had a long beam so this helped. This was at the end of a dirt road above Castic Lake and south east of Burnt Peak. We waited for the 10:00am start time, and got back info from the start that they could hear the T okay, WHEEEEHOO! The rest is history.

Jippy, please write up a DON'T FORGET THE IMPORTANT STUFF check list, that I can hang from my windshield of my car.


Mileage Call/s To Last T N6XFC/N6AIN 195.0 WB6JPI 205.0 KE6VCR/N6MI 210.0 WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ 289.8 (this is assuming that you guys went directly to T from I5/ Lake Huges Rd.) WA6RJN AND TEAM 082.0 (to first and only T Glendora Mt. Rd) N6ZHZ/KD6CYG 163.2 (to first and only T Glendora Mt. Rd) Milton WA6FAT with son's & friend went to Bishop (looking for T3)

Okay, Okay, Okay, enought, enought, enought. I know what happened. I should have mentioned this before, but I forgot. Santa Clarita had their Sat night T hide on at about 7:00pm. I knew ahead of time of this hunt, and warned the hider to be aware that our T might be interfering with their hunt.

Well it seems that they put on a T that was on continiously, and had this god awlfull tone on it (coudn't listen more than four seconds to it). I don't know how long it was on, but it could have been the reason that Wayne & Pete thought my T was going bad!

Found the T today going along fine, Iding okay and the battery still good, except for the fact that the antenna blew over (sometime after JPI visit). Bob, why did you move those rocks from the tripod?

On my trip up there I couldn't hear anything (omni not beam) until I got to the turnout at the site. The antenna had change from horizontal at 5' off ground to Vertical 1" off ground.

Because the T was located above the road, only a direct shot at it from the turn out would give you a signal. Sorry, next time will tie ant to the ground instead of the limbs of the bushes.

Thanks to all hunters, hope you had more fun than we did.
Don & Steve KF6GQ & KD6LAJ