The All Day
Hunt for January 26th 2008

 Presented by Leonard Jensen KA6KZZ, Steve Silsbee KC6NFF and Steven Jensen KD6WMD.

The main T was located on Turquoise Peak north-east of Baker, CA.


The transmitter was 10 watts into a 13 element yagi pointed at Palos Verdes.
That was a fallback position because the first transmitter, the 25 watt transmitter
failed as we were setting it up. We understand that the signal was received well
at the start, and the hunt was on.

The results at T0 were:

Call                 Time     Mileage Notes          Crenshaw    Results
N6AIN                2:55 pm  240.0                  1.022       245.28
KD6LAJ/KF6GQ/Jasen   3:22 pm  222.5   Storm Coming   1.000       222.50 
WA6RJN               3:23 pm  216.5   Nice View      1.022       221.26  WINNER 
WB6JPI               4:42 pm  289.7                  0.977       283.04 

We also placed three more T's, which we are disappointed to report that nobody found any of them.
Perhaps we will save them for another time. Maybe not.

T 1 was a micro T hung in a Joshua tree along Excelsior Mine Road.


T 2 was 1.5 watts into a 8 element quad pointed WSW.


T 3 was 5 watts into an 11element yagi pointed at Clark Mountain


So here is how the hunt played out.


For those who decided to quit and go home due to the weather, perhaps it was not a bad idea.
This was the result of retrieving T 3 on Sunday afternoon. KD6WMD got out to the T and retrieved it,
but took a wrong turn on the return. It took us about 4 hours and help of locals to get extricated.

Jippy's Comments