1/25/97 "t" RESULTS

Results of the January 25, 1997 All Night Transmitter Hunt

The Hunting Teams:      start mileage     T1              T2              T3

N6YKE/KE6JYX 794.8 16:04 913.2 15:40 911.9 14:23 894.5 WB6JPI 129.8 17:00 334 16:14 335 DNF N6MI/VK3XAJ 153.6 18:00 no mil DNF 20:13 231.30 WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ 311.05 DNF DNF DNF WA6RJN and guest 787.0 DNF DNF DNF UNOFFICIAL: N6MJN/N6XFC 16:23 16:10 17:00 N6ZHZ/KD6CYG DNF DNF DNF DNF = Did Not Find
Congratulations to Eric N6YKE / Dianna KE6YJX! They were the only team to find all 3 transmitters and found their first one in just under 100 miles. Well done.

Note that the unofficial team of N6MJN/N6XFC were told after the hunt started, where the t's were because they were supposedly not coming out.

VE3XAJ from Australia commented that we are as crazy as the Melbourne Australia hunters.

WB6JPI was able to get some new forestry maps while on this hunt.

We hope everyone had a good time. It would be fun to read of the hunters experiences on this hunt. Why not write something up and send it to Deryl N6AIN.
On behalf of Deryl N6AIN and myself, Ray N6EKS, thanks to everyone for coming out in the rainy weather.