January 25th 2014
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Ray N6EKS and Deryl N6AIN

Where: The Volcanic Hills North of North Edwards and east of California City.



Calls                             Time         Miles
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ       1:32pm     113.2
WA6RJN/KG6KZF    2:20pm     119.5
WB6JPI                       3:12pm     168.0
N6ZHZ                        6:30pm     146.9
K6VCR / D0ti             7:08pm     196.6
N6MI                           8:30pm      832


KD6LAJ/KF6GQ      2:33pm      115.3
WA6RJN/KG6KZF   3:04pm      120.0
WB6JPI                      4:40pm      277.0
N6ZHZ                       9:00pm      186.4
N6MI                          9:00pm      964.0


KF6GQ/KD6LAJ     2:05pm       114.2
WA6RJN/KG6KZF  3:17pm       120.8
WB6JPI                    3:41pm        169.0
K6VCR D0ti             6:52pm        195.0
N6MI                         8:00pm       too many to count
N6ZHZ                      8:00pm       184.0


KF6GQ/KD6LAJ     2:12pm        112.9
WA6RJN/KG6KZF  3:30pm        121.8
WB6JPI                     4:05pm        172.0
N6ZHZ                      8:30pm        185.3
N6MI                         8:30pm        even more!!!

The winner is the team of KF6GQ and KD6LAJ with 115.3 miles and 4Ts
Number 2 is WA6RJN/KG6KZF with 121.8 miles and 4Ts
Number 3 is Bob N6ZHZ with 186.4 miles and 4Ts
4th is WB6JPI with 277.0 miles and 4Ts
5th is N6MI with TOO MANY to count but found all 4 Ts
6th is K6VCR and D0ti with 196.6 and 2Ts

Thanks to everyone that came out. Been a while since I ended a hunt in the dark.
If anyone has pictures or videos of their hunt, send me the pictures and if you can put the video up no YouTube under private and send me the link to it so I can add it to the videos list.
Deryl N6AIN