January 23rd 2016
All Day Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Doug WA6RJN
Hiding winter hunts limits the possible locations because many areas are closed. Forests road are unavailable and other areas can get washed out. Then there was the El Nino threat of monsoonal amounts of rain. I decided to try an area that had not hidden in for a while that should not be a problem if it rained.

The area I chose was along the California Aqueduct north of Red Rock Canyon not far from Ridgecrest. The idea I had was to hide relativity low so that I had a clear path to the Summit starting point (top of the Cajon Pass on I-15) but that would shadowed the route in between because the mountains ranges.

The primary T was between two hills up Sage Canyon Rd off the roads that follow the aqueduct. This also would have the effect of reducing the signal to the east and north. The idea was great but the signal for the hunters pointed more due north which brought them up Hwy 395. I quest that worked too. T1 was running 30W in to my 6-element coat hanger beam. I intended to use my 11-element beam but the brush was so scarce I couldn’t camouflage it.

T4 was running 50 mW and was hidden up Cow Heaven Canyon Rd. At the intersection of Cow Heaven and the #2 aqueduct was the voice Bug T running 50 mW.

T6 was running 1/2W into a whip and was located on Redrock Inyokern Rd to the east of T4/T3/T7.

Thinking most of the Ts would be relatively easy to find (just drive up the roads off the aqueduct), T11 would be more difficult. It was running 50 mW into a vertical J hung from a cactus and was alongside Redrock Inyokern Rd just north of Redrock Canyon Park. The signal was weak and the modulation was low but could be heard near several other Ts. The idea was that the bearings from the areas it could be heard would lead the hunters to it but hunting it directly would be difficult.

After hiding the Ts, I stayed in Ridgecrest overnight and could not hear any signals. Early the next morning I hid T7 which ran 4W into a vertical whip and was located a little below Robbers Roost off the aqueduct. This T ensured those that came up Hwy 395 would get a signal near Ridgecrest.

Unknown to me, the Ridgecrest amateur radio operators were having their own T hunt the same day. After finding their T they heard mine and came looking them. They found T7 at Robber’s Roost.


KF6GQ / KD6LAJ	        T7	T6	T3	T4	T1	T11
Winners		        1:10	2:15	3:02	3:20	4:03	5:07
		        111	123	127	129	135	149
N6MI / K6VCR		T3	T4	T1	T11	T6	T7
			3:15	3:20	?	5:06	5:31	7:15
			112	113	121	134	142	156
WB6JPI /AB6PA	        T1	T3	T4	T7	T6	T11
			2:20	3:10	3:20	4:25	5:30	6:21
			199	205	207	216	218	227
N6AIN / N6EKS		T3	T7	T4	T6	T1	
			1:30	1:48	2:11	2:45	3:30	
			146.6	149.5	154	160	174	

KA6ARA and friends	T7
(Ridgecrest)		1:15